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Saturday, October 30, 2021 

News columnist says son of Superman's characterization doesn't inspire

A writer for KPC News sums up what's wrong with the rendition of the recently created son of Clark Kent, named after Jonathan Kent, his Earth-based foster father:
As you may have already heard, there is a new Superman in town. Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, has taken over for his father. He is bisexual and has a boyfriend. Instead of crooks and Commies, terrorists and Nazis, he now pledges to take on evils like global warming and the deportation of undocumented immigrants. Instead of fighting for “truth, justice and the American way,” he now fights for “truth, justice and a better tomorrow.”

I’m trying to imagine a nerdy, introverted kid of today pretending to whip off his glasses and revealing his secret identity as this iteration of the Man of Steel, and I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Can there possibly be millions, thousands, or even hundreds of kids who long to enjoy a same-sex kiss before flying off to battle global warming in order to somehow magically bring about “a better tomorrow”

Didn’t the original Superman have enough angst to deal with as a one-of-a-kind freak from another planet? Can we really identify with the sexual ambiguity, climate anxiety and nationalistic alienation on top of the sense of isolation he already felt?
Of course, whoever the DC staff who engineered this propaganda, they're taking an awfully laughable route to act as though this literally reflects what only so many people, no matter their age, truly believe. And to think, that this iteration of a Super-family member would be so blatantly put to use addressing a far-left issue that's ages removed from responsibility, by confusing fictional Kal-El's status as an otherworldly refugee who arrived on earth as an infant with that of real life adults making their way across the USA border illegally, among whom could be dangerous terrorists. Any comparisons they're trying to make between sci-fi premises and real life issues are extremely offensive. Speaking of which, if writer Tom Taylor believes illegal migrants should be allowed entry unquestioned, maybe even to his native Australia, does he also think General Zod and other Kryptonian criminals originally banished to the Phantom Zone during the Silver Age should be recognized as acceptable company? That's the basic logic he's validating.
Come to think of it, considering the ambient zeitgeist, will this new Superman even have a secret identity? After telling the world everything about himself and repeating it on Twitter and Facebook for those who might have missed it, what can he possible have left to hide? And as whom will he pose? A meat-eating non-recycling, cis-gen, Republican Christian from Indiana who has never read the New York Times? Oh, I forgot, near-sighted, too.

I think I might be accused of Overly Brooding Rightwing Seriousness to wonder if this new Superman will go to Afghanistan and lecture the Taliban on the use of pronouns before they cut off his head with a Kryptonite sword.

And I would certainly be labeled a planetary jingoist, perhaps an Earth chauvinist, to suggest he go back where he came from, even if I point out that his father never bothered to get a Green Card.
Let's remember, of course, that a decade ago, there was a story where Superman forfeits USA citizenship he wouldn't actually have, or doesn't need to be disputed, while he's in costume. Topics like what the columnist is alluding to have largely been banned by the higher left-wing echelons at DC/Marvel for a long time, and it's led in turn to a situation where only far-left visions are allowed. All that aside, if most LGBT characters of the past 15 years or so have long faded from garnering attention and audience, how long do they expect even this character to last under the current characterization, apart from potential and deliberate hammering over the audience by the publishers in charge? Within a decade, chances are the press will cease to care, and they sure haven't given a damn about Northstar from Alpha Flight for a long time. Turning a Super-family member bisexual, as they claim it is, amounts to no more than tokenism for the sake of an agenda they could've avoided if they wanted to, despite all claims to the contrary. Author Sean Howe summed it up nearly a decade ago, when he said this is a very dumb reason to want to buy a comic. Because it wouldn't be for the entertainment value, but rather, for the political agenda these stories are built upon. An argument that, within nearly a decade, has been throughly dismissed by industry ideologues.

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