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Sunday, January 16, 2022 

Something fishy about Spider-Man's Life Story miniseries

The Valdosta Daily Times wrote a superficial take on the Spider-Man: Life Story miniseries, and says something fishy in the process:
Here, writer Chip Zdarsky and illustrator Mark Bagley explore what it would be like if Peter Parker had aged like the rest of us after becoming Spider-Man 60 years ago.

Many of the major people in Peter's life are here – Gwen, Mary Jane, Harry, Flash, J. Jonah Jameson – but what happens to them is different than in the traditional comics. And not just that Peter and the gang all age through the decades.

Available now in a collected format, "Life Story" was originally published in six separate issues with each issue representing a decade in the life of Peter Parker/Spider-Man: the 1960s, 1970s, etc. The collection also includes the one-shot "Life Story" annual featuring a story about the aging and embittered J. Jonah Jameson who is paying the price for his schemes to unmask and or kill Spider-Man.
Excuse me? Triple-J may have long tried to capture and unmask Spidey, but he was never depicted wanting to kill him. Just what are they trying to prove here? It sounds like Zdarsky and Bagley, along with Marvel editorial, lack so much faith in their ability to entertain, they could only think of the last, most pathetic resorts many writers in recent times have turned to: lethal force committed or enabled by adversaries and villains. So now it's not enough for Jameson to try getting Spidey caught and unmasked; now, Jameson, in Zdarsky and Bagley's vision, has to resort to deadly force, which only makes the whole affair tasteless, and even if it's seemingly set in an alternate universe setting, that's no alleviation. When I looked at this whole thread on Good Reads, some of the reader reviews said there's even references to Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man, which doesn't make for a good inspiration, and that there's even propaganda involving Captain America that's hostile to the US army in the Vietnam era. Because that's just what we need - excuses made for communists, rather than a coherent story explaining why the war in Vietnam was lost.

So more troubling than what's told in the newspaper article is what's not told there. That this is actually just another excuse to inject stealth propaganda for the sake of far-left causes, and not let the past remain as it is. Indeed, there's probably been way too many "revisionist" looks at history involving classic superheroes, which has become the disastrous go-to model for modern writers, serving as an excuse to not look forward in a way that's not forcibly political.

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"Because that's just what we need - excuses made for communists, rather than a coherent story explaining why the war in Vietnam was lost."

Heck, not even lost. We actually WON that war. What actually happened was that Democrats, being motivated largely by the supermajorities they got during the Watergate scandal and milking it for all it was worth, proceeded to break America's end of the treaty by refusing to supply aid to the ARVN when the North Vietnamese, despite Gerald Ford literally BEGGING the legislature to adhere to our part in the treaty. Put another way, we won, but leftists stole our victory, snatched it from the jaws of defeat. You can find out more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hqYGHZCJwk

Put another way, it was the exact same situation as what happened in Afghanistan a couple years back.

Another lost cause / stab in the back narrative.
Like the one Hitler trotted out about Versailles and neo-Nazis trot out now, about how Germany did not lose the war but was cheated on the peace.
Like how Clinton won in 2016 because she got the majority of votes, but Comey stole it from her.
Or about how Trump really won the 2020 election, but it was snatched from him by glow-in-the-dark bamboo ballots from China.
Nobody likes a sore loser.

Except there actually was evidence towards Vietnam actually being won by us. Heck, we even headed the peace talks, which the loser of a war does NOT do. Did Germany, Imperial or Nazi, head the peace talks when they lost? Did Japan? If you actually WATCHED that video from Dennis Prager, you'd realize that.

Dennis Prager and "Prager University" are not reliable sources of information. His calling it a "university" is a dead giveaway that it is phony - no classes, no registered students, no degrees, just youtube videos.

What do you define as winning? The US gained no territory, defeated no enemy, accomplished nothing - but they won because they sat at the head of the table during their discussions about pulling out. It makes no sense.

"Dennis Prager and "Prager University" are not reliable sources of information. His calling it a "university" is a dead giveaway that it is phony - no classes, no registered students, no degrees, just youtube videos."

They're certainly more reliable than people by the name of Richard Barton Palmer, who spent his Chaucer course talking about the joys of free sex among other things, oh, and claiming Christians "invented" misogyny. Not to mention more reliable than Sartre and Foucault. Besides, there's more sources pointing to America actually winning Vietnam than just Prager University anyways.

Our fight was to keep South Vietnam free from Communism, and in fact, technically, we won the Tet Offensive since the Vietcong's backs were damaged beyond repair, forcing the NVA to use its own forces to directly enter Vietnam. Mission accomplished, and we even had a method in place to ensure the ARVN could still fight even if we weren't there.

And here's more sources revealing we won:



I can also direct you to The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War, and also The Politically Incorrect Guide to the 1960s.

You should read past the headline on the Forbes article. The title is that "According to Big Data We Won the Vietnam War". But the article itself is all about how the Big Data was wrong, and using it as a warning not to trust big data.

The article does not say the US won. In fact, it says exactly the opposite of what you are trying to say and disproves your point.

I've still got plenty of other sources besides those, however:




And BTW, Prager U is still more reliable than Howard Zinn's books. Or are you the type who thinks only Zinn is a reliable source for history?

"Are you sure all those sources are mentally sound and sober when they made those claims?"

The guy who wrote The Politically Incorrect Guide to Vietnam was himself a Vietnam War veteran, so he obviously had to be mentally sound and sober when he made the claims he did. And Dennis Prager spent a lot of time trying to prevent leftist brainwashing of our kids, educate us on the actual history which our university systems aren't doing at all.

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