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Saturday, April 23, 2022 

Bucks County, PA, gallery holds an auction for vintage comic products

The Bucks County Courier Times spoke about an auction being held at Upper Southampton for vintage comics products, including slabbed pamphlets and toy figures:
For Mark Reynolds, auctions like the one scheduled for Stephenson’s Auctioneers & Appraisers gallery in Southampton on Friday represent a time machine. As he stares at the classic comic books from a half-century ago, he is escorted down memory lane.

The mere sight of those comics detailing the thrilling exploits of Batman, Spider-Man, and the legion of superheroes within the pages vividly remind the Doylestown resident of those summer days of his childhood, sitting on his front porch with his friends, sipping Cokes, and marveling at, well, the heroes of Marvel and D.C. Comics. He sees the old, and he is young.

“Seeing those comic books — Batman using his wits to outsmart Joker, Spider-Man shooting his webs and swinging from building to building to catch a crook, Superman using his powers to save the world — makes me feel like a kid again,” said Reynolds, 59. “Seeing them right in front of you, not, like, on a website, makes those memories so real.”
Yes, but isn't it sad to see same creations being desecrated by woke corporatists and their employees today? Certainly, it's great to read about people telling their memories of what was excellent in the past. But it still doesn't mean you shouldn't argue why it's regrettable modern takes on the same creations are doing a disservice to past masters.
“It’s just an interesting eclectic mix of items,” said owner Cindy Stephenson, who is also an auctioneer and appraiser. “People seem to have so much fun at the auction.

"A lot of it is about seeing the things you loved as a kid. That’s what adults collect now. For example, we did rock concert posters for the first time in August of 2020, in the heart of the pandemic. We had just been allowed to open to the public again, and it was a bit of a risk, but we knew the posters were fabulous. We had 350 of them, and it was record-setting. We had the Stones. The big sellers were a Grateful Dead poster that sold for over $15,000, and a Jimi Hendrix poster that sold for more than $12,000. They were in mint condition.”
But again, why no lamentations over the mess these things have been transformed into in this modern age, wracked as it is with political correctness? Again, no matter how impressive it is to hear about what you loved from childhood, it still shouldn't obscure the damage to the creations occurring today, which is a definite insult to what we loved as kids.
Reynolds said he’s considering attending the auction. But even if he can’t afford to bid high enough, that walk down memory lane might be just what the doctor ordered.

“You know what I think it is, really?” he said. “I think the superheroes always doing good things, and the great-sounding music you’re reminded of by seeing those posters, it takes you back to a time when you felt really good. And these days, it’s something we could really use.”
But if modern products don't produce the same sentiment, then we're not finding what we can use, are we? Unfortunately. That's why it's too bad these MSM outlets will only take superficial looks at how pop culture's been handled from the past to the present. If the interviewees wouldn't bring up more than the superficial either in what they discussed, that's another letdown.

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