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Thursday, July 28, 2022 

IDW makes comics to support Ukraine

Fox 5 San Diego reported on a project led by IDW's publisher to support Ukraine, following the attack launched by Russia's despot, Vladimir Putin, against the country:
Several A-list comic book creators are joining forces and collaborating their work to make “Comics for Ukraine.”

The idea came from IDW publisher Scott Dunbier, who says he couldn’t believe the devastation that was happening overseas.

“I started calling up friends of mine, for instance, Alex Ross who did that beautiful cover, Walter Simonson who is well known for doing Thor,” he said.

Dunbier says everyone was on board and was not hesitant to create something for the comic book instead has had to turn away people now that the book has surpassed its original page count.

“The comic book community, they really rally behind causes,” Dunbier said.
Now this may be a good cause they're contributing to, but...does the industry really rally behind causes? Because in the years since September 11, 2001, when al Qaeda launched their jihad that murdered nearly 3000 people and destroyed the WTC, whatever projects could've been made to support victims of Islamic terrorism have almost entirely disappeared, and even back then, much like Hollywood, the comics medium, for the most part, did their damndest to make sure the War Against Terrorism was lost. Just look how far we've gotten, when you have the Muslim Ms. Marvel comic and TV adaptation turned out, and Muslim propaganidsts like Saladin Ahmed and G. Willow Wilson hired without reservation by far-leftists like Tom Brevoort, et cetera. Who were running the store when Capt. America was shifted to the Marvel Knights imprint where Steve Rogers was made into a tool for terror apologists as the first story, by Jon Ney Reiber, fed on the far-left narrative that 9-11 was an "inside job". The worst part is that, while Reiber decidedly can't be excused, the story may still have been subject to tampering by Joe Quesada as Marvel's EIC at the time, in a disturbing example of how badly he hurt them from a perspective on creative freedom and/or upper management. This is exactly why Quesada's tenure as Marvel's EIC will be remembered as one of the worst since the turn of the century.

And if Dunbier's willing to develop a project about Ukraine and the devastation inflicted by Russia's assault, is he willing to do the same when it comes to Afghanistan's fiasco last year after the US military carelessly retreated? Or, does Dunbier lack the courage to be even remotely critical of Joe Biden's "government" for the poor job they did when it came to Afghanistan and where it stands now when the Taliban's back in power? Is he even willing to develop history-based projects like one based on the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey's Islamic Ottoman empire during WW1? Why, how about the history of the Islamic world's violent reaction to the Danish Muhammed cartoons more than 15 years ago?

Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely IDW and most other publishers of their sort are willing to take up challenging issues of those sorts, which is why it's hollow to say the community really rallies with causes as a general meaning. In fact, now that I think of it, are there any plans to develop characters of Ukrainian background at any publishers, major or minor, for their fiction stories? So far, I have yet to hear of any such possibilities, and if no plans are being made to emphasize fictional characters according to nationality/ethnicity, then the farce of political correctness continues as usual. As a result, one could ask what the point of IDW's project, if it won't lead to a general influence beyond the project they're currently working on?

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