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Monday, July 04, 2022 

What some comics creators said after Roe vs. Wade reversal

With the recent reversal by SCOTUS of the ruling making abortion a federally enabled legality across the USA, what are some of the most far-left people in comicdom saying? Well, nothing pleasing or inspiring, alas. Let's first take a look at what Kurt Busiek, long a regrettably ultra-leftist himself, said in response: So he thinks it's okay if anybody wants to just go get abortions, and not give birth, and, give the newborns to adoption, if one can't afford to take care of the offspring? Gross. And gay marriage was never about not forcing LGBT ideology upon a whole society. Especially children. Right, we get it. While it's regrettable somebody appears to have made an antisemitic comment in response to a Jewish woman favoring abortion, that's still no excuse for a mindset that puts life on an extremely low level. Why, it's shameful how Busiek's exploiting this stuff for justifying something Germany's National Socialists practiced. Which is exactly why any Jewish-Americans favoring abortion should be absolutely ashamed too. This is also why I disapprove of the late French-Jewish politician Simone Veil, who went out of her way to legalize abortion at the expense of wider society in the mid-70s. It led to a most embarrassing image, IMHO. (But is he saying Jews aren't white? I find that disgusting, because I am white myself. It sounds like he's confusing race and religion, deliberately or otherwise.) Umm, and just what proof do you have, Kurt, that they didn't already adopt some of them? Why, come to think of it, why doesn't Kurt offer to adopt some of these little ladies and gentlemen being born into the world? Does he really not care about human life? Sad. Next is Gail Simone, also one of the most revoltingly left-leaning scribes in comicdom for some time: And just what proof do you have Americans literally don't want pro-life policies? I myself find it particularly offensive when girls are aborted. In Guatemala, they're very much in favor of pro-life positions. Makes one wonder what she thinks of foreigners whose views don't coincide with hers. And this is a most sloppy, incredibly cowardly way to address the issue of extreme leftists visiting violence upon anybody who dares to support pro-life positions, and the anarchism began even before the official ruling. Yet I get the feeling she doesn't think any conservatives covering such news are smarter than her, even though they are. I'm glad I no longer own any of her writings, as I once did. Whatever comics she wrote were decidedly not worth the paper they were printed on. My my, what a lot of hatred spewed against somebody from One America News who's dismayed at the promotion of an ideology advocating rejection of members of the opposite sex as partners in romance/marriage. Here's another comment by veteran writer Mark Evanier, who's also, sadly, a leftist: It's so sad somebody doesn't want to argue in favor of bearing more children you could transfer to foster families who could raise them in hopes they'd go on to inspire for the better. Then, here's one by Zack Davisson, a manga translator who's also written a few comics: Very poor etiquette he's got going there. He continues: Now here's an interesting case, one where Mr. Davisson curiously overlooks how Mr. Cornyn is a Republican In Name Only who sides with Democrats on gun control positions, and even takes the side of those who want Critical Race Theory to be embellished in schools. If anything, Davisson's certainly confused the bigger picture regarding the disgraceful Mr. Cornyn. Though it does demonstrate how there's leftists out there who will absolutely not thank RINOs for the favors they do, and still wish to throw them under the bus. Interesting that Mr. Davisson takes issue with Harris over these particular issues, and not whether she's protested how Democrat-run cities have descended into crime-ridden hellholes. As for Warren, one can only wonder what he thinks of her record of fakery, including the flaccid claim she was of Indian background, which insulted a lot of American Indian citizens. And Davisson sees nothing wrong with that? Sigh. Next up is Heather Antos, already a most notorious editor who's worked at a few companies like Dark Horse, Marvel, Valiant and IDW: This is also most repellent if she's implying conservatives ignore mass shootings, while in sharp contrast, there's liberals in states like Illinois and New York who've failed to do anything to put a stop to the violence that's become extremely prevalent there in the past two years. Even Philadelphia, where I was born, has descended into a hellhole of recent, yet these people don't care, and only seem to care about making abortion out to be an acceptable idea. Bounding Into Comics has more info on some of Antos' offensive statements, and makes one wonder: how much longer is IDW or anybody else going to continue employing her? Now, here's the writer/artist B. Clay Moore: And what does interracial marriage have to do with this? If Moore's implying Black Africans shouldn't believe in life, that's horrific. And that "radical" group fueled by religion isn't Islam, right? What's his point? Interesting how he talks about American exceptionalism when leftists like him have long embraced socialism and communism, which are antithetical to the values most realists built the USA upon. And then last is Ron Marz, who's got quite a history of his own in far-left advocacy positions: What a shame, but unsurprising for a long time, that Marz too sees nothing wrong with abortion. This, tragically, is what the comics medium's come down to, condoning the shunning of life rather than embracing it, and possibly leading to talented comics writers and artists in the future. These scribes have all turned the industry into such an embarrassment.

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