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Monday, January 30, 2023 

Ron Marz set to replace Adam Warlock with a female character who's advertised as superior to him in almost every way

Comic Book Movie is gushing over news that pretentious veteran writer Marz, who recently returned to work at Marvel, where he wrote the Silver Surfer for almost 4 years in the early 90s, to pen a prequel Adam Warlock tale where he may be replaced with a new sister character named Eve Warlock, and the way they went about touting this demonstrates what's wrong with their approach, besides the gender-swapping:
Following the hit series Silver Surfer: Rebirth, Ron Marz and Ron Lim will reunite later this year for another galaxy-spanning limited series, Warlock: Rebirth!

The two superstar comic book creators, known for shaping the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe as we know it, are teaming up to revisit the thrilling saga of Adam Warlock. The ever-fascinating and mega-powerful superhero is set get fans talking in a big way in 2023, especially as he's going to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 this May.

When it comes to this series, it will be a must-have for fans and a perfect entry point into the character’s rich history for newcomers. Set in the hero's early days, this pivotal chapter will explore Adam Warlock's origin in astounding new ways and introduce a new character that will forever impact his legacy.

Before he jetted off to space, Adam Warlock was artificially created by scientists on Earth to be the "perfect specimen." What fans will shockingly discover is that as Adam went on to wield the Infinity Gems and play key roles in epics like Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Watch, another specimen was created - someone stronger, faster and smarter than Adam himself!

Meet Eve Warlock, the next evolution of Warlock! She’s come to strip Adam of all his power, starting with the Soul Gem, and we're sure she's someone who could return in the present day.
When they say she's superior to Adam in strength and intellect, that's where they make a foolish step. And at this point, what's to make this tale a "must-have"? And, why must we talk about this in a "big" way? All this gushing in Marvel's favor isn't helpful one bit. Plus, as noted by Pirates and Princesses:
Eve is being described as “stronger, faster, and smarter” than her brother. Despite Adam’s nearly 53 years of existence nothing ever indicated he had a sister. But now she is being retroactively inserted into the second issue of the prequel series Warlock: Rebirth.

[...] This idea of creating a female counterpart to an already established male hero, who is better in almost every way, has become a common trend in recent years, a trend that is beginning to rub readers the wrong way. Not to mention calling her “Eve” when they’re brother and sister is kinda gross.
Correct. It's a most embarrassing way to allude to the Biblical Story of Creation. And it doesn't help an already deteriorated situation when the new character is promoted as superior in almost every way possible, and if she becomes a regular going forward, she could easily end up written as a Mary Sue. That's no way to pass on the batons. Adam, who was originally introduced in Fantastic Four #66 during 1967 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (and more officially became Warlock 5 years after in Marvel Premiere's 1st issue), deserves far better than this poor notion for how to introduce possible successors. Mainly because if recent history says something, these new characters aren't created as successors so much as they are forced replacements for virtue-signaling.

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