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Saturday, February 11, 2023 

The implosion of animator Justin Roiland's career

The Hollywood Reporter has a whole report on the collapse of Rick & Morty co-creator Roiland's career. It turns out his crass behavior went a lot deeper than what was previously known, since his colleagues were aware of how revolting'd been even before the audience was:
On Jan. 9, Hulu debuted its animated comedy Koala Man, the latest installment in what was then Justin Roiland’s sprawling empire. An absurdist superhero series that features a voice cast with Hugh Jackman and Succession‘s Sarah Snook, the project seemed to cap off a particularly prolific period for its producer. In a matter of months, Roiland had released a hit video game, put a collection of paintings on exhibit, aired a sixth season of his Adult Swim juggernaut Rick and Morty, and snagged a fifth season for his other Hulu series, Solar Opposites.

Three days later, that image as a high-flying animation maestro came crashing down. On Jan. 12, NBC News revealed that Roiland was facing two felony charges in Orange County stemming from an alleged 2020 domestic violence incident that occurred with a woman he was dating at the time. That August, he was arrested and released on bail. Roiland has pleaded not guilty. The news, which blindsided both his employers and his colleagues, was greeted with an outpouring of other troubling revelations surrounding his online interactions, with multiple women publishing lewd messages they claimed to have received from Roiland. He direct-messaged former Mad magazine editor Allie Goertz, a longtime fan who was prepping a Rick and Morty concept album: “Can you write a song about 9 Dick’s of different sized and ethnic origins hanging above your face, and then in the lyrics describe how they each splatter you with semen.” He allegedly messaged another woman, who posted the exchange using an anonymous Twitter account and claimed to have been underage when they began corresponding, “You should just run away from home and go into sex slavery YOU FUCKING STUPID FAGGOT BITCH (!!!) (Jk).”
Yikes...that's disgusting, and goes entirely without saying. It reminds me of that French cartoonist named Bastien Vives who reportedly posted obscenities against a woman who'd criticized him, and anybody who crosses the red line that badly is asking to be ostracized, as Roiland looks to be now. If a mangaka or an anime writer in Japan had pulled anything that offensive on social media, chances are higher they would be shunned for causing an even bigger embarrassment than the most troubling manga they'd published. How is it nobody in the west is willing to study the higher standards expected in the east?

There's more eyebrow raising details in the rest of the article, which tells how Roiland's lost more business deals as his offenses became known. While he clearly deserves his downfall, the sad part is that even today, he won't be the last Hollywood producer committing sexual and domestic offenses. And there will unfortunately be more than plenty of leftist media sources who'll pass on the chance to cover the topic, all because the offender in question is as leftist as they are. These far-left ideologues sadly don't change or improve their standards overnight.

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