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Friday, April 14, 2023 

2 errors by Warner Brothers divisions for comic movies, and animation

First up, we have actress Susan Sarandon bragging about how woke the new Blue Beetle movie is, as noted by John Nolte on Breitbart, and she ends up being very insulting in her choice of community description:
“What’s fabulous about [Blue Beetle] is it’s the first Latinx hero that has his own movie,” she told Jimmy Fallon on the basement-rated Tonight Show. “Even better, all of the Mexican — because his family is Mexican and all the actors were Mexican, and it’s in Spanish, so it’s subtitled.”

Then she dropped this beauty…

“I’m, of course, the bad guy,” she said of her character Victoria Kord. “I’m the white military-industrial complex…. So I had a fabulous time because there’s nothing better than being bad.” [...]

But if you want to understand just how terrible the people running things at Warner Bros. are, Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto openly wished for the assassination of President Trump. He also declared Puerto Rico a “slave colony.” The Trump tweet has been up since August of 2018 and was only deleted this week after someone called him on it.

But these are the people, these rabid fascists and violence-loving bigots, Warner Bros. has decided to put in charge of…a superhero movie.

It’s bad enough guys like this director are so hate-filled and blood-thirsty, but he is also childish and entitled enough to believe it’s okay to spew his hate and violence publicly. Artists are frequently eccentric and passionate, but this guy has no humanity and no self-control.

Does anyone doubt Blue Beetle will be a pedantic, virtue-signaling, eye-rolling woke lecture that cost $120 million to produce and another $80 to $100 million to promote?
Nope. It's already sadly become the norm to witness these lectures shoved into virtually every supposedly pop culture-based movie, topped off by how Sarandon employs a phrase unpopular with the Latin American community. And why does it sound like "Victoria" Kord is the movie's stealth insult to Ted Kord, the 2nd Beetle? One more reason it's better to skip this film. Here's more from Breitbart on the director's alarming attacks on Trump:
The Warner Bros. DC universe of comic book movies is about to welcome the opening of Blue Beetle but fans are not welcoming a tweet by the film’s director, Ángel Manuel Soto, who said he hopes Donald Trump is assassinated like President Abraham Lincoln.

Soto’s tweet from 2018 resurfaced on the eve of the release of the summer blockbuster he helmed. At the time, Soto wrote, “The only thing I hope Trump has similar to Lincoln’s presidency is the way it ended,” Bounding Into Comics noted. The tweet was discovered by comics commentator Lofti Pixels. [...]

It appears that Soto objected to Donald Trump’s election, writimg “You must be the dumbest piece of shit top cross twitter, right after Trump. How stupid can you be?” He then added, “Puerto Rico is a slave colony of the USA. Your passport was impossed [sic] on us, so there is nowhere else to go afer [sic] your country shits on my land and blame us for the stink. Fuck you.”

Previous to his work on Blue Beetle, Soto’s Twitter feed was filled with expletive-laden rants against the United States, mostly in Spanish.

Just in March, for instance, he tweeted “AmeriKKKan Dictatorship,” along with other tweets ridiculing America, the very place where he wants his film to do well.

Soto also has thousands of retweets of radical left-wing political posts and causes featured on his Twitter feed and going back several years.
Wow, this guy really has an obsession, and that's unhealthy. Worst: for somebody making an offensive accusation of Puerto Rico being a "slave colony", Soto doesn't seem to have any respect for a 19th century politician who abolished slavery in the USA during the 1860s.
The Blue Beetle character originally debuted in the 1940s and was published by Fox Comics. The character next appeared in the 1960s in a series by Charlton Comics. The Charlton characters were later bought out by DC comics but the Blue Beetle character was sidelined for many years. By 2006, though, the mantle of the Blue Beetle was taken up by Latino character Jaime Reyes and debuted during DC’s popular Infinite Crisis series. It is this iteration of the character that will be featured in the new film.

The Blue Beetle film, starring Xolo Maridueña (Cobra Kai) and anti-American comedian George Lopez, will hit theaters in August.
More telling clues what's wrong with this picture, and some of the employment choices were surely deliberate. As for the claim Infinite Crisis was "popular", well, depending how you view the sales receipts, it was regrettably big in its own way at the time (though it still didn't really sell more than a million copies for each part), though today, sales for such awful crossovers - the one in focus notorious for having Ted Kord murdered by Max Lord in the prelude titled Countdown - are far less, to the point you hardly ever see sales charts giving clear numeric figures, since practically all sales are down anyway for USA comics.

Next, if you need another example of how unreliably woke a Warner Brothers-owned outfit can be today, Breitbart recently informed they're shoving propaganda favorable to transsexual ideology into their news announcements for the Cartoon Network:
The kid-friendly Cartoon Network is urging viewers to address transgender and “gender-non-conforming” individuals by their preferred pronouns, saying it “shows that you RESPECT them as their authentic self!”

In a tweet celebrating the recent Transgender Day of Visibility, Cartoon Network provided an explainer video featuring animated teen characters talking about their pronouns, including “they/them” and “ze/zir.”

“When people use my pronouns, I feel respected, safe, and included,” one adolescent character says.

Cartoon Network’s tweet comes less than a week after a transgender person gunned down six people, including three children, at a Christian school in Nashville. The media have tried to downplay the killer’s transgender identity, with CBS News even preventing its reporters from making any reference to transgenderism in their coverage of the massacre.
What CN's doing is insulting to the intellect, and not "kid friendly" at all. In fact, it's disrespectful of children altogether, along with the victims of the woman pretending to be a man in Nashville who cost at least 6 lives at the Presbytarian Christian school. If CN's a subscription service, the time's come to cancel our cable subscriptions for their services if this is what they're going to promote. The same kind of broadcasters who surely don't even celebrate the 4th of July. This only gives animation a bad name.

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