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Monday, November 01, 2010 

Black Widow, Capt. America and JSA fall victim to more lefty propaganda

The severe abuse of famous icons just keeps a-comin'. In this topic on the Dixonverse forum, 3-4 comics are spoken about, and are just as time-wasting as the last times. For example:
Sadly Captain Americas two issues, Captain America #611 and a mini I liked up till now, Captain America Patriot #3 of 4. In Captain America, Steve Rogers is shown explaining to President Obama, about Bucky Barnes past, cut to Barnes fighting 'Neo-Nazis' in Manhattan?? I'm sorry, the last time Nazis of any kind had enough members to hold a massive meeting in Manhattan was about 1940. Totally unrealistic and just another thinly veiled shot at those opposed to this current administration. Lines like 'Red Scares , anarchist bombings and Neo-Nazis have always been on the fringes of America’ really ring hollow, when we still have generally a destroyed WTC in the real NYC by Muslim fanatics. Art is OK, by Acuna, but, his poster of Neo-Nazis stopping Socialists from stealing America Now is another not so veiled shot at the tea party folks and it's really getting beyond annoying, it's disgusting and really invokes a sort of 'Black scare' of Neo-Nazis by left-wing writers. The storyline of Barnes answering for his Soviet past is interesting, but, this other clutter ruined this issue. Add to this the continuing boring 'female' Nomad storyline and this issue of Cap falls flat on it’s face, faster than Neo-Nazis in this issue. Next up is the 3rd of 4 issue series of Captain America -Patriot. Well, this series started off great, but, this issue ends with the comic going all 50's Red Scare ’ set-up which no doubt will be some innocent falsely accused of being a 'red.' These types of storylines are really doing an injustice to what was a real threat in the 40's to the late 80's of the Soviet menace and I really am sick of these clichéd storylines. I expected better by Karl Kesel who started off so good, but, who has now reverted to Cold War was only a 'scare' mode. Sad and pretty damn bad.
I'm not sure if Ed Brubaker is at the helm anymore, but it looks like Karl Kesel has followed up on his terrible insults to the Tea Party. Very, very sad.
Now, we come to the 'Ugly' issues of the week, and they are very ugly…

JSA#44 and Black Widow#7. I don't know if DC and Marvel writers were talking on the phone or e-mails, but, both Marc Guggenheim ’CIA Black sites’ in JSA and Duane Swerczynski who invokes 'CIA black torture sites' in their storylines with JSA in Afghan and Black Widows in Poland, which, it is said the CIA refers to Poland as it's 51st State and a place where Islam is not around. Yes, folks, not only is Muslim terrorism almost non-existent in comics, but, they are the victims of CIA torture and at the mercy of their captors. The JSA issue is a little better, but, some creature who escapes the CIA site in that one from Afghan has yet to be shown as to the reason, a victim who could have been reached through kindness if it wasn’t for those brutal, CIA torturers, what pathos, what sentiment.. what CR@P.. ? I have had it, Black Widow is being dropped from my list as of this issue and JSA is not far behind, although , I'll give it till the end of this storyline or issue #50, whichever comes first. we'll see?
The reader would do well to drop those series immediately, because buying even a story with only a minor reference to an awful matter is all they need to justify their continued use of such horrors. Now, both Natasha Romanova and the JSA are being exploited for some kind of anti-Guantanamo propaganda. Will Nick Fury be the next victim if he hasn't been already? Come to think of it, will the Howling Commandos be next to plummet too?

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Man am I glad I've saved my hard-earned dollars over the last few yrs. instead of spending it on this putrid spew.

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