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Wednesday, March 06, 2013 

Ultron eradicates much of humanity in new crossover

In a variation on Days of Future Past that's been blown up to ridiculous mammoth proportions, Ultron is depicted as having terminated much of the human race:
Marvel Entertainment's renowned heroes find themselves in an unfamiliar and unsettling position in the pages of the just-released "Age of Ultron" series: defeated, demoralized and desperate.
Gee, hasn't that been the case for a long, long time already? Where have they been all these years?
After years of well-placed warnings that have gone unheeded, the ever-adaptive artificial intelligence that is Ultron - a creation of Avengers co-founder Henry Pym - has finally realized his potential as conquering villain. He has turned the planet into a dystopian landscape that is wrecked beyond compare with technology at the top of the food chain and humanity on the extinction trail.

In short, said Brian Michael Bendis, who wrote the series that debuted Wednesday, Ultron has lived up to his promise.
It's doubtful the crossover will do the same.
"Ultron is one of the big villains of the Marvel universe, up there with Dr. Doom and Magneto," he said this week. "He's been a threat - a constant threat - and they've never been able to defeat him because of the nature of his being."
I thought it was because he's typically built from the strongest alloys, such as adamantium. Or maybe Bendis forgot?
Now, with Ultron's ability to adapt, react and learn, his promise has gone global and what was once a vibrant planet is nothing more than piles of debris with androids and mechanized robots running roughshod across the surface and heroes like Iron Man, the Sensational Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Invisible Woman and Hawkeye in the shadows.
Umm, hasn't that been obvious for a long time that Ultron was ultra-intelligent and could adapt almost like the Borg in Star Trek, and learn everything this world has to offer even faster?
It is, Bendis said, a reckoning of sorts with the Marvel universe "destroyed" and "half the heroes dead and half the world is dead."
The MCU was reduced to debris years ago, and the same goes for much of its cast. This isn't novel either.
Those that are left - remnants of the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Hulks - are living in the shadows, fighting back, Bendis said, and they aim to stop what happened from ever happening again.
With people like Bendis, Alonso and Brevoort in charge? Impossible.
"It's not an imaginary story. It's happening in Marvel continuity," he said of the tale, which has the first three issues out this month, followed by issues 4,5 and 6 in April, all illustrated by Bryan Hitch. The heroes "are going to break some rules with the space-time continuum."
In that case, everything will be back to not-truly-normal within the next several months; nothing to see here.
The 10-issue story is illustrated by Bryan Hitch, Brandon Petersen and Carlos Pacheco, with a fourth artist that Marvel is keeping secret.

Tom Brevoort, senior vice president for publishing at Marvel and editor for "Age of Ultron," called the series one that will leave readers confused and, possibly, upset, too.

"Part of the ethos we're trying to adopt, as part of Marvel Now, is the idea that really, anything can happen and the sky is the limit," he said. "'Age of Ultron' is the exemplar of that. It's supposed to make people feel edgy and uncomfortable."
Exactly why nobody should be buying it, not even for alleged profit, one of the wrongest reasons to buy comics. A story that's intended to make the reader feel down instead of entertained and eager for suspense scenes is not something with commercial appeal, and the Marvel staff's only interest today is catering to a tiny crowd that cares more about inexplicable addiction to collecting.

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Another line-wide Big Event (i.e., cynical marketing ploy). The comic will be selling online for $10-20 soon. Then, in a few months, it will selling for fifty cents in dealers' bargain bins. DC and Marvel might as well publish comics with blank pages, since no one reads them anyway. It seems that most customers are speculators who buy the comics, bag them, and then re-sell them. That is who the publishers are aiming at, anyway.

Indeed, Anonymous.

Sounds like a rehash of Ultron Unlimited, but on a larger scale. And as usual, "Kill All Humans." Boring.

And I miss Jocasta. Just felt saying.

Um, isn't this also basically the universe of the comic and animated movie about the next avengers- the one where the kids of the last lot team up to defeat ultron with the help of cranky old bruce banner?

This is so freaking lame and repetitive it is beyond parody.

This story just sounds awful. It's basically just another retread of Age of Apocalypse with Ultron as the main villain instead. Ugh.

Exactly the reason why I only read back-isssues from the 70s and 80s: It a was joy reading these books.

Nowadays, it's kill kill kill. If you try shocking people all the time, it's no longer a shock.

Let's calm down, folks. The premise sounds like "Days of Future Past" (spoiler: Sentinels conquer humanity) or Maestro (spoiler: Hulk conquers humanity). Those were good stories. Maybe AoU will be good too.

Yeah, but thing is, Art, it's been done to death in comics. Like I said, it's just Age of Apocalypse with Ultron as the villain. And Bendis (in my opinion) is a hack, so I don't think the story will be any good.

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