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Wednesday, March 06, 2013 

Orson Scott Card's artist on Superman runs out on him

A sad fallout in the manufactured controversy over Orson Scott Card: Chris Sprouse, the artist who was going to draw the Superman story, quit the job (via Big Hollywood):
Due to the media attention surrounding the science-fiction writer and his story in the forthcoming Adventures of Superman, artist Chris Sprouse — who was to illustrate a tale by Card and Aaron Johnston — has departed from the book, according to DC Comics. [...]

Due to the creative change, the Card story will not appear in the first collected issue out May 29. Instead, it will feature a story by writer Jeff Parker and artist Chris Samnee, as well as a tale by Jeff Lemire and one by writer Justin Jordan and artist Riley Rossmo.

DC is also looking for a replacement illustrator for Card's story.
I really hope a conservative leaning artist - there's probably many more of those in comicdom today than writers - will step up to plate. But this is a definite setback in a controversy that's come up for all the wrong reasons. According to this site, Sprouse has also been the artist for a book featuring Midnighter, one of the two gay cast members of the Authority in the now defunct Wildstorm line. That may be a clue to his positions and why he left.

One of the saddest parts of this case is that people like Mark Waid and Jeff Parker are having a field day with this, seeing it as something to celebrate:

I think Waid must be jealous for 2 reasons: Card is a lot more successful than he'll ever be, and DC's not giving him much work anymore, if at all. A real shame he can't understand why it doesn't help to be gleeful.

Update: if there's one more letdown I can find, it's artist Colleen Doran:

That's not funny.

Update 2: Jeffrey Meyer at Newsbusters inspects an article hostile to Card on Wired's site written by a man who's also contributed to CBR, Newsarama and a few other places.

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And I used to have such respect for Doran and Sprouse, too. If nothing else, the whole thing with Card has exposed what rotten leftists DC has. And it's always the same: the leftists must always demonize those who go "Do Not Want."

Just like Election Night 2012. It wasn't enough to just win, they HAD to do "Take that, Mitches," including the overrated Beyonce.

Well, this gets better and better...

I'm losing respect for more and more people. Graeme McMillan's jibes at Card got him points among the creator "posse," but little else. One of the few standouts here has been Mark Millar. Kudos to him.

Funny how these same socialists ignore the fact that Jack Kirby, who they hold up as a great icon, had functionally identical views to Card on this issue.

And more fundamentally, if we're not allowed to disaprove of real life opinions held by socialists, why are we also not allowed to ignore any worker's opinions outside of the fiction they're creating? How is a writer's viewpoint relevant when he's writing a corporate character which is totally editorially controlled into being pablum in the first place?

Pathetic stuff.

have you never read Coleen Doran's work? It surprises you that she is (rightly so) gay-friendly?

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