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Sunday, October 12, 2014 

James Patterson's Maximum Ride adapted by Marvel, with the wrong people involved

Patterson gave them the license to adapt his fantasy novel, which had previously been adapted as a manga book. But there's at least one person involved who's a bad lot based on her belief system and what else she's marketing:
“James Patterson’s Max Ride: First Flight #1,” which is scheduled for release next spring, will feature the talents of writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Alex Sanchez. Sana Amanat will act as the editor.

With the partnership, unveiled Saturday at New York Comic Con, Marvel will take its first step toward really tapping into the thriving audience for YA literature with the new series, Amanat told Speakeasy.

“The Marvel way is to be able to attract a wider audience. That’s something we have been doing for the past few years,” said Amanat, who also created Kamala Khan, the Muslim teenager who started headlining her own Ms. Marvel comics earlier this year.
Nope, they haven't. No positive portrayals of conservatives or Tea Party members. And depending on the situation, no positive portrayals of rank and file white Americans either. The same pretend act has also been employed by DC in the 1990s and still is today when they feel it suits them - Green Lantern was an early example of this alleged attempt to draw wider crowds. With that other series Amanat's working on and what she's filling it with, that's why this isn't too encouraging, though Axel Alonso is probably the main problem here.

Since we're on the subject, here's what Patterson had to say about giving Marvel the rights to adapt Maximum Ride:
What was it about Marvel that made you want to do this project with them?

They’re good. I grew up in comic books. I love Max. A lot of people feel that Alex Cross and Maximum Ride are my two best creations, so I want to see her everywhere. I want to see her on billboards. I want to see her in comic books.
And he still thinks they're good as scriptwriters? No complaints about the awful directions they've taken over the past 2 decades? What's wrong with IDW or Dynamite? With all the success they've had at licensed properties and other adaptations, wouldn't they make a better choice at this point?
How will the Marvel comics series differ from the manga series?

I’ve given Marvel license. In fact, I’ve encouraged them to make this Marvel’s “Maximum Ride,” so I expect some changes in the story. I expect we’ll age the kids a bit. … I’d like them to mess with it. It’s obviously a very visual series, which I think is great. My hope is that it will be the best series I’ve ever done. That’s what I want to happen.
What if this turns out to be one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations? What might still prevail, however, are global warming issues, a topic that appeared in at least one of the novels. Personally, I've thought global warming is ridiculous, and this Intl. Science Times article from last January suggests there's more out there who think it's a silly notion.

In any case, Marvel hasn't been a good choice for adapting licensed properties in a long time, and I don't see that changing now. This is no longer the 80s, when they had success with GI Joe and Transformers, to name a few examples. Patterson must be so desperate to see his series of books adapted into other formats, he's not willing to contemplate how bad the current staff's become at writing superhero stories, let alone any kind of adventure.

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I hope everything goes smoothly, I mean from one too three they were okay but four to now nine! I can't tell if it's a great series anymore, sorry I have mix feelings for this and a lot of complaints that I spoted here and there and that they were supposed to be fixed.

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