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Thursday, October 30, 2014 

Slott keeps droning on about GamerGate

Some more slapdash pseudo-wisdom from the keyboard of Dan Slott. For example:

We also have major problems with schools that do poor jobs educating children and adults alike.

Correction: He doesn't want to acknowledge that story he wrote where Dr. Octopus took advantage of Mary Jane Watson. I do believe there's a valid case we could make here about the need for better ethics in comics scriptwriting and PR.

He could do a lot better by not commenting on the matter at all. He just can't come to terms with how flimsy some of the accusations made from the side he's taking are, and it's pretty odd how disinterested he is in the ignorance displayed by a few of the people involved. Acting like Tomb Raider's Lara Croft never existed does no favors for the people against GamerGate.

Slott doesn't even care that there are GG supporters - including some women - who have been acting against the harassing cybertrollers, and Zoe Quinn even thanked those who have made an effort to stop them. And I've a hunch that, if he plays computer games, he might be familiar with all the ones the GamerGate detractors ignored. So he'd do better to just let the subject go.

While we're on the subject, here's a screencap of a post made by British writer Andy Diggle, retweeted by Mark Waid:
And I guess J. Jonah Jameson and Bethany Snow were never intended as allusions to journalism ethics either, right? But wait'll you see this reply Diggle gave to a dissenter:

Dear dear. Is he saying advertisers aren't allowed to decide which sites they want to post on, and how? Sounds proto-socialist to me. Very poor ethics on Diggle's part, my my. And does Waid agree with that poor viewpoint? Sigh.

Here's another screenshot of a retweet by Greg Rucka:
Last time I went to her website after this, it was working fine. So sad to see Rucka's only furthering the propaganda of somebody who acts like female protagonists who can kick butt Lara Croft-style don't exist in computer games, which does little more than soak whatever point she's trying to make.

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