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Thursday, November 06, 2014 

A batch of Erik Larsen tweets

It's post-election time at the US Congress, and Larsen, creator of the Savage Dragon comics at Image, has come forth with his leftist world view. Here's a number of tweets he wrote before and after. For example, before it took place:

If he's in favor of that, instead of urging everybody to just keep their distance from sugarloaded drinks, then he's embracing the kind of nanny-state tactics Michael Bloomberg was espousing over in New York City, and are now being put to use in Berkeley, CA. Sigh.

Well gee, it's their money, and if they feel it's better not to adopt such policies, then they can advertise against it.

Aww, who needs any of them silly politicians? Maybe he'd be better off taking an apolitical stance instead.

But what if there are people out there who'd like to legalize bestiality? We shouldn't underestimate what kind of fruitcakes are running amok. Just take a look at this alarming news from last February. I'd thought about the possibilities at times, and I think it pays to be a realist and wary there are freaks out there who want to have sex with animals running around on the loose.

I hope he doesn't mean what his wording could suggest. Another tweeter asked how young they're talking about, and indeed, we have to wonder...

If the Democrats let down their constituents, why should anybody keep voting for them? Why must everybody forever stick to one single party no matter how good or bad their conduct is?

What about Europe? They don't have morons running the scene there? Just look at how Sweden's being run now. Maybe that's why nobody cares about Saab autos anymore. Now, look at this picture he posted:

An advertisement in the vein of the Occupy nonsense. And he thinks that's how it all works. But what about socialism? Who gets all the loot there? And who gets the short end of the stick? Next, he posts an anti-Reagan picture:

Yeah, it's always Reagan's fault, isn't it. It's never a Democrat's fault. Here's also some screenshots of retweets he made for this, this and this:
The middle one is really appalling in its attack on Republicans. Now, we're past the election, and here's some more he wrote post-election:

Nobody's gloating, for heaven's sake. But I wonder if Larsen would've done that had the Dems won a majority vote?

What about the Dems? What if they sit around doing nothing helpful like help make the environment better for developing businesses and jobs? Please, do tell us about it, bud. Here's 6 ways Obama's ruined the economy, and more on Newsmax.

His administration's already failed. They've been willing to allow illegal aliens to interlope at the domestic taxpayer's expense. So what else is new?

As expected, he favors Obamacare even if it's done at the expense of more efficient medical services and other businesses.

Isn't he concerned about the Democrats in the Senate who blocked some job bills? And how can some businesses, big and small, keep employing certain quantities of people effectively if they can't afford to employ them?

If he really thought that, he'd practice as he preached.

Here we go again with that unfounded accusation the GOP are leading a "war on women". Even USA Today admitted it's unfounded. Larsen might want to ponder that the youngest women elected to Congress this year are Republican.

Near far as I know, Larsen is far from religious himself, so I don't know what his reasoning is for bringing that up.

Well at least that's one good thing they might've done. But any nanny-state policies they adopt a la Bloomberg are not what the public needs.

Again he repeats the nanny-state cliches. If Bloomberg runs again for mayor in his district, don't be surprised if Larsen'll want to vote for him in hopes more socialist welfare will be enacted. And won't that be something to dread.

Yeah, all because they're so ultra-leftist, eh?

Oh, sure they do. If they really cared, they wouldn't be so unfavorable to capitalism.

The really unlucky thing is that people of Larsen's standing think socialist heathcare is the answer to everything.

Well at least here he's half right. But does he realize illegal aliens can exploit the welfare system? Even Islamists have been doing that, just like they have also been doing in Europe. Over in upstate New York's Monroe district, there's the Satmar clan's neighborhood of Kiryat Joel where the residents have a huge poverty rate and are leeching welfare at everyone else's expense, while hardly working or doing anything to help wider society. Isn't that all parasitical behavior?

Well for pete's sake, shouldn't the poor people be working and training for jobs of some sort that'll help them afford resources more easily? I can definitely agree grocery and housing prices should be lowered, and maybe that's why more working efforts should be done to see to it we get there.

Say, didn't he just do something like that himself? And again, if illegal immigrants, Islamists and even Satmar isolationists act like parasites by mooching welfare, that's okay? No, it is not. It's a shame if he sees nothing serious about people who take but don't give for the good of any sane society.

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Avi, I've been looking forward to a post like this ever since election night. Leftists can never accept the fact that poll after poll after poll after poll has always shown theirs is the minority worldview in this country. Isn't just 21% who describe themselves as liberal? It's knuckle dragging primitive thinking thinking to believe they represent the greater good, much less the vast majority. Larsen has no business lecturing people on what their 'self-interests' are. He and his fellow knuckle draggers are the last people who'd champion individualism.
These are people with no connection to reality.
Take an aunt of mine for example. Typical liberal - complete with white guilt, blame USA first indoctrination. She's going berserk because Rick Scott won reelection. She thinks this means the GOP is done in FL. She's unhinged. I had to remind her FL has been electing GOP governors since '99. And you think all the Cuban exiles are suddenly going to start voting Left? After what they've escaped? Again, these people run from reality.
I look forward to whatever tweets emerge from Marz, Robinson, any other leftist writer/artist who feels like their holidays are ruined now. Also, I hope you're able to find tweets by Van Sciver or Dixon or any creator with the gall to not bend over and grab the ankles for every left wing cause.


"That's why we seek out religion. Simple, comforting answers to complex questions. "Somebody up there is taking care of you. Don't worry."

Yeah, that's just what Aristotle, Plato, Maimonides, and many others who put out nothing but vapid, sentimental tripe about God and the universe have always said.

"Proponents same sex marriage don't want anything more. There's no slippery slope. Nobody's demanding people be allowed to marry animals.

Sure, they don't want to shut down businesses, have propaganda spread in the schools or anything. He's either stupid, uninformed, or terribly naive.

I realize that "the poor" includes both good people struggling to get by, and parasites sponging off of society. But one problem is that politicians don't make distinctions. An able-bodied welfare recipient can vote, and that vote counts just as much as the vote of an SSI recipient who is disabled and can't work. For that matter, the freeloader's vote counts the same as the vote of someone who works 70 hours a week and pays 35% income tax.

If Larsen thinks that the cost of housing is high now, wait until contractors are forced to pay $12.25 an hour to their employees, including unskilled laborers and illegal aliens who don't speak English.

I am not against gay marriage or equal rights for gay people. But I realize that some religions (Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Islam) consider homosexuality to be a sin. And people have a right to practice their religion as long as they don't force it on the rest of us.

The real slippery slope is not so much that some weirdos may try to legalize bestiality or pedophilia. It's that, once something is defined as a "right," then some people will demand that it be provided for them, with no ifs, ands, or buts.

In Oregon and Iowa, gay couples sued bakeries for refusing (on religious grounds) to bake cakes for same-sex weddings. In New Mexico, a gay couple took legal action against a wedding photographer who refused to photograph their ceremony. And, in Great Britain, a gay couple sued to force the Church of England to perform same-sex weddings. (Gay marriage is legal in Britain, but the law states that churches cannot be forced to perform ceremonies that violate their religion.)

The plaintiffs in those cases are doing the same thing that a lot of religious extremists (including Muslims and fundamentalist Christians) want to do to gay people. That is, they are imposing their values and sensibilities on others.

Having to settle for a civil ceremony instead of a lavish church wedding, or having to shop around for a different bakery (or even having to do without a cake), is just not a violation of one's rights. It is not the same thing as a hospital refusing to admit a black patient, or a fire department refusing to extinguish a fire in a gay bar.

The middle screenshot/retweet complains of "increased military spending" and cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. But, consider this: the military is less that 20% of the US federal budget, and social welfare programs are over 40%. Plus, 2/3 of the money spent on welfare programs goes for administrative overhead. Of the remaining 1/3, some is wasted on fraud, overpayments, and mismanagement.

It's possible that we really need to increase defense spending. And it's also possible that we can cut some waste from welfare programs without hurting the working poor or the disabled.

The 2014 election was a referendum on Obama. He wasn't on the ballot, but his policies were.

He promised that Americans could keep their medical insurance policies if they wanted. Within months, people began losing their insurance.

He said that ISIS was a "junior varsity" team. Now they control large parts of the Middle East.

He gave weapons to "moderate" Syrian rebels, who then either surrendered or defected to the enemy.

The unemployment rate is higher now than it was when Bush was in office.

And Larsen and his ilk cling to their fantasy that Democratic losses were due to elections being bought and rigged by the Koch Brothers and Fox News.

Two things:

1) If Larsen is so damn unhappy with the way things are, then maybe he should get the f*** out of the country.

2) F*** Erik Larsen.

I'm getting really sick of people with more money than me lecturing me about the evils of rich people. But I guess I shouldn't expect logic or competency from Erik Larsen. He's the guy who gladly condemned Marvel in an editorial (seen in that Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck crossover) for screwing over Steve Gerber in regards to Howard the Duck, but then made excuses for Todd McFarlane trying to screw over Neil Gaiman.

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