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Thursday, November 06, 2014 

Scott Snyder thinks Lois Lane is fine in a lesser role

In this Comic Vine interview with Snyder, he has no criticism to offer about the editorial mandate DC's imposed. At the start, he says:
[...] When I started writing him in my version of him, he doesn’t always know. When you look at his decisions to be Clark Kent when everybody around him is going to age faster than him, to not align himself with any military when every military around the world will then start build weapons against him, to do a little and not more, to do a lot but not too much.
This is ridiculous, because logically, any military/government could find ways to research his physical structure and develop weapons to use against Supes, and it wouldn't have to be just Kryptonite they could employ. He does not have to work with any specific army proper just so they'll have that chance. Interesting how Snyder gives signs of moral equivalence, suggesting every country/government in the world is against Superman in the vision he's offering for the DCU, and no army is worth helping out. Then, on the issue of Lois Lane, he says:
CV: It almost felt as if we were seeing more of a connection between Superman and Lois than we usually see. What are your thoughts on Lois?

SS: I really wanted to explore his relationship with Lois. If there was a way to make them romantically involved and that sort of thing…I love that relationship. Right now, given the way things are, I think he has a really interesting relationship with Diana and Lois is more in the companion sort of area. For me, it was about trying to show even if they don’t have a romantic relationship, they have this incredibly deep connection where she’s been the North Star for him.
But with the heavy-handed editorial mandates governing the scriptwriting now, how can a simpler friendship work either? And that relationship with Wonder Woman is just an obvious fanfiction pairing, very cliched by this point. As expected, he avoids criticizing the editors for making the serious mistake of imposing mandates based on character drama. That's why so many superhero tales today have become epic failures, but he doesn't have what it takes to acknowledge that.

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I had high hopes for this series, especially with Superman and Action being less than stellar stories. But Unchained was unbearable. Am I the only person who's fed up with Superman's arch-nemesis being the US military? There've been more issues if this new 52 Superman fighting against American soldiers than fighting Lex Luthor and Brainiac COMBINED! And Snyder has the same fixation with making Sam Lane an anti-Superman militant psycho, just like Johns and James Robinson did in New Krypton. That's what made me quit that series. Well that, and retconning Metallo into a US solider, along with Reactron. Is there some DC mandate that all American soldiers end up as homicidal villains?
As for Lois being minimized, that was annoying as well. I thought for sure she and Kal would kiss in that final issue. I don't see what harm would've been done. This title clearly worked outside of continuity. I'm sure the nations on new 52 earth still have their nuclear missiles. No one is ever going to reference Wraith again. Especially not his role in Nagasaki. This was like a new 52 elseworlds. A kiss between Lois and Kal would've been a nice gift to the pre52 fans. This series was overhyped to the max, and especially after the freakin' delays, ended with on a yawn.

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