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Tuesday, June 23, 2015 

Even as Marvel pushes diversity in comics, they oppose it in the movies

While Marvel currently shoves an agenda down everyone's throats in the pages of their comics, they curiously seem to take the opposite path with the Spider-movies, for example:
...as our favorite comic book characters have been made over in step with the entertainment industry’s push for more diversity in film and TV, Marvel wanted to make one thing clear: don’t mess with Spider-Man.

Leaked documents obtained during last year’s Sony hack, shared between Marvel and Sony, reveal the latter was given a strict set of guidelines regarding exactly what traits make up the iconic mutant superhero, and instructions found in a contract include a description for both race and sexual orientation.

In addition to ensuring Peter Parker gains his powers in his youth, Marvel guidelines stipulate he and Spider-Man are both to remain heterosexual and white.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, mandatory “character traits” for both Spider-Man and Peter Parker demonstrate the more than 50-year-old Marvel Comics character is to remain a morally uncorrupted individual, who is “not a homosexual.”

Spider-Man, Parker’s alter ego, does not torture or kill “unless in defense of self or others,” and doesn’t smoke or abuse alcohol, sell drugs, or have sex before the age of 16 or with anyone below that age, in addition to being heterosexual.
Now isn't that odd. On the surface, they must oppose such steps with the films because they realize that the phony diversity they're pushing back in the comics doesn't appeal to a wider audience of moviegoers. Not even Blacks and Latinos who attend the silver screen.

But then why do they wish to go the exact opposite route with the comics? This just proves ever more that they're not trying to rebuild a sizable audience like what we had decades before, and they're only pandering to a tiny minority of SJWs who probably don't even read the comics.

This article has some disputable flaws though: why are they calling Spidey a "mutant" when he's anything but that? To be fair, there's never been a clear definition of who's a mutant in the MCU, but it still seems unnecessary to call Spidey that. And Peter/Spidey are both one and the same. This isn't like DC, where several superhero roles had more than one player in a costume.

Supposedly, the movie arrangements were not intended as a social agenda. Yet that's just what's going on back in comicdom, And, eyebrow-raisingly for the films:
E! News reports a contract between the two companies went into effect shortly after a black-latino Spider-Man was introduced in the comic book world.
Very interesting. That's not bound to be pleasing for SJWs who're into movies. But it does tell there's a very strange contradiction going on between how they make their comics and movies. In a manner of speaking, they've also opposed the new Fantastic Four movie for the same reasons they're against turning a movie Spidey into a SJWs dream concept, although they have turned one of the Asgardian deities, Heimdall, black in the Thor movie, and may be changing the Ancient One in a planned Dr. Strange movie into a woman. And those alterations could easily have had PC mindsets behind them, so let's not think the Marvel's movie division is that different from their comics department.

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They have to keep the movie versions as close as possible to the original source material, just so they can draw in the suckers who come to see all the so-so live-action movies, and by extension the television shows, based on word of mouth from their family and friends who had grown up on previous versions of characters like Spider-Man or Batman.

While over in the comics section, they continue to go in weird and warped directions in terms of plot, character development, art styles, etc., all in favor of making a quick buck from the brain-dead population.

Movies are expensive to make and to market. They have to appeal to a broad audience. Comic books are a niche market with a small audience. Therefore, comics are the place where SJW's can indulge in their social experiments (gay Iceman, black Captain America, female Thor, Muslim Ms. Marvel, racially mixed Spider-Man). Of the few people reading comics now, a high percentage are self-styled SJW's themselves, and approve of the changes. The rest are collectors who buy every issue anyway, or speculators who buy as an investment. Either way, they don't care about content.

This further proves they are using diversity as a marketing tactic. They are going for shock gimmics to gain short term sales while sheding the loyal readers. I wonder how the current moves will impact sales 6 months from now.

Stan Lee spoke on this and said it well, I am proud of him.

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