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Friday, February 10, 2017 

IGN screws up their look at the history of Judas Contract

One of IGN's comics columnists really did a disfavor when, as he was writing about the history of New Teen Titans' Judas Contract storyline, he sugarcoated Identity Crisis:
Basically, if you've come to love Deathstroke thanks to games like Arkham Origins or modern comics like Identity Crisis, you can thank The Judas Contract for making that possible. [...]
Wow, this charlatan sure knows how to turn everything uglier than need be. What's so lovable about seeing a villain - one who reformed as best as possible after the Judas Contract - suddenly turned back into a superficial criminal in Identity Crisis and punching Zatanna in the tummy hard enough to make her vomit, wrapping a leather bag over Black Canary's head and chaining her arms, which could've suffocated her, stabbing the Flash in the leg, cutting off Hawkman's wings to make him fall in a scene that ignores how it's really the Ninth Metal that gives him levity, and even injuring Kyle Rayner's ring hand in a scene where the 3rd Green Lantern star only attacks Slade with his fists and doesn't actually use the ring power to do it?

In fact, if Deathstroke's past villainy matters, why are we supposed to love a guy who led a criminal career as a mercenary and even slept with an underaged girl who was also a crook (Terra)? Which was depicted negatively in the Judas Contract, so it wouldn't be a good idea to say, "it's only comics". That the affair with Tara Markov was consensual doesn't change the fact he broke statutory laws. Slade Wilson could be admired for his willingness to reform in the years afterwards, but that doesn't mean he can literally be loved for committing acts of violence against the good guys and good girls, as seen in Identity Crisis.
[...] You can even see the DNA of The Judas Contract in more recent stories like Identity Crisis (which also happened to feature sordid sexual revelations about a Teen Titans villain and Deathstroke laying waste to an entire team of superheroes).
Interesting how he doesn't acknowledge the "fight" was one of the most contrived, forced and crude moments ever seen in such a vile screed, or how the miniseries made light of a serious issue like sexual assault, depicting the mindwipe by Zatanna as more serious than Dr. Light's own attack on Sue Dibny. Pure disgrace, and anybody who whitewashes the controversy is no genuine fan of the DCU, or even the MCU, for that matter. Besides, if they're alluding to Dr. Light, he wasn't a Titans adversary per se; he began as an adversary for at least a few Justice League members in 1962.

If there's anytime IGN's sunk really low, this would be one of those moments. Ugh.

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Judas Contract? That tacky piece of shit?! Thanks for bringing up memories of that garbage.

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