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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 

More tweets by Busiek

Kurt Busiek's had more to tweet about politics this past week or so. But the first one I think could use some attention here is a retweet of a topic involving Will Eisner, since Kurt apparently met with him at convention panels years before:

So, Kurt was chummy with Eisner, was he? Hmm. Say Kurt, did you know Will was critical of Islamic anti-semitism in his last graphic novel, The Plot? Assuming you have a problem with critics of Islam in any shape or form, wouldn't it bother you that he did something going against your ultra-liberal viewpoint? Kurt probably only cares about Will today because of the awards ceremony named after him, which I'm sure he's got plenty of on his shelves. Imagine that, an award for arts named after a guy who boldly took on a challenging issue before Frank Miller did, and that's all Busiek must really care about over a decade since Eisner passed on. Who knew some people could be so lacking in selflessness?

Busiek proceeded to comment on what may be Paul Ryan's attempt to scuttle efforts to reverse the harm of Obamacare:

Wait a minute, is he saying he's not grateful that Ryan could be doing the left a favor? Gee, and here one might've thought Ryan would be one of the few Republicans Busiek actually embraced!

Huh? But I thought Busiek did like Obamacare! How come he can't make up his mind?

So he's saying nobody would've worried if they thought Obamacare was too expensive? Yep, keep going please.

Oh, how classic. That's just trying to mimic the nickname even the press used for for Obama's healthcare plan, as though it's fully just when it comes to Trump.

No thank you, bugs aren't kosher. I don't think Korea, where they may eat cooked grasshoppers, would like the sound of that crudeness either.

Trouble is, the only people Busiek thinks are to blame are conservatives.

Trying to assign the blame to Trump's electorate, is he? Oh yeah, that's all we need. And in response to a Wash. Post article about Trump supposedly reducing airport and coast security to build a border wall, he says:

Yup, buy into everything a leftarded paper like the WaPo will say for the sake of undermining a right-wing president at all costs. And no complaints about how the Democrats are threatening to block funding for the border wall. He also answered somebody asking why male creators are verified but not women like Gail Simone:

Last time I looked J. Scott Campbell wasn't verified either, so I don't see what the point of this is, nor why he didn't point that out himself.

Oh, so he believes everything that overrated thriller novelist and ultra-leftist says too, huh? I honestly never saw what was so great about King's stories.

When in doubt, just call something Kurt states "knee-jerk".

Regarding free speech, the point is that, to counter something you think is wrong, there's should be more, as Louis Brandeis once opined. Including the ability to prove you can pitch a good argument in return. Which Busiek seems unable to do. Interesting how he tries to cover his tracks by claiming liberals are filling up his subscription feed quarreling about terminology. If that's supposed to soften a conservative's opinion on him, it not only fails, it also has the potential to alienate a lot of liberals who're bound to think he's insulting them.

At this point, his own marketplace of ideas is as bankrupt as Marvel's House of Ideas has become.

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