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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 

Dan Slott pretends there's no anti-Christian discrimination

I recall that Slott's chum, Ron Marz, once wrote a disturbing tweet against Trump allowing Christian refugees into the USA. Slott's not doing much better with the following he wrote in response to Donald Trump telling a Boy Scouts convention they'll be allowed to say "Merry Christmas" again without worrying about atheist SJWs getting hostile:

I'm afraid so, Slott. Dennis Prager, if you'd ever take the time to read what guys like him have to say, has some experience with this change as well, and said nearly 2 years ago:
I have been wished “Happy Holidays” by every waiter and waitress in every restaurant I have dined; by every one of the young people who welcome me when I go to the gym; by every flight attendant and pilot on every one of my flights; and by every individual I have dealt with on the phone.

When I respond “Thank you. Merry Christmas,” I sometimes sense that I have actually created some tension. While many of those to whom I wish “Merry Christmas” may actually be happy that someone felt free to utter the C-word, all the sensitivity training that they’ve had to undergo creates cognitive dissonance.

“Christmas” has also been eliminated by many — probably the majority — of our elementary schools, high schools, and universities. Thus, for example, they no longer have a “Christmas vacation,” but a “Winter vacation.”
And I've got a feeling even Slott's aware of this, but doesn't want to admit it. It reminds me of the situation Jon del Arroz once described with his examinations of many modern comics writers - they don't talk about religion, if at all, strongly suggesting quite a few are atheist. If they are, that's one thing, but if they want to transform it into a situation where religion only selectively applies (namely, Islam), then they're doing more harm than good.

Slott also posted the following in response to a claim Trump was encouraging the Scouts to boo Obama:

I'm not sure what that's acronym for, but it's not hard to guess he's looking for the umpteenth excuse to bash Trump. Furthermore, if these are older Scouts, then it's my guess they're informed, and angry at Obama for all the harm he allowed to be caused to Scout movements. If Obama wronged them, they have every right to let know they're furious about it. Just like Marvel fans have every right to be disgusted at all the wrongs Slott's done to fandom on his part, and to Mary Jane Watson.

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Saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" isn't a sign of Christian oppression in a predominantly Christian country; it's acknowledgement that maybe -- just maybe -- not everyone you encounter is Christian.

I grew up in a rural, overwhelmingly Protestant Christian area, where even Catholics were relatively rare. But as an adult living in a diverse metropolis, it only took me one season of wishing "Merry Christmas" to people only to be told, "Thank you, but I'm Jewish," or "Thank you, but I'm Muslim," that I realized "Happy Holidays" was the more appropriate, and less embarrassing, greeting.

Also, what harm did President Obama allow "to be caused to Scout movements"?

Mary Jane Watson's marriage to Peter is alive and well in the Spider-Man comic strip.

It is hard to believe that wishing someone a happy holiday amounts to anti-Christian discrimination, but the Marvel comics do acknowledge Christmas. They cannot do it too often, because 1 year IRW is about a week in Peter Parker time. But the characters in Spider-Gwen were wishing each other a Merry Christmas last December. And they do acknowledge religion generally; Squirrel Girl showcased a wedding conducted by a rabbi with traditional Jewish imagery earlier this year, for example.

Politicising a Scouts jamboree is not just tacky, but also does harm to the scouting movement. For the least religious president in living memory to turn Christmas into a political football seems opportunistic, cynical and insulting to anyone for whom religion actually means something.

Marx did not actually write against letting in Christian refugees. The comment referred to is one in which he asserted that selecting refugees according to their religion, picking Christians and refusing Muslims, was a hateful and un-American kid of religious discrimination.

I probably should've made a distinction between common greetings in public, and how public schools have largely eliminated official holiday greetings. The latter is decidedly telling, as political correctness has become a problem in the education system.

That said, if there's a certain secular crowd out there that truly has an issue with Christmas greetings per se, it's honestly petty of them, and they should try to relax themselves and not act like it's the end of the world if somebody wishes a merry Christmas.

Did Marz ever tweet against the Obama policy of admitting unvetted Muslim immigrants while turning away Christian and yazidi refugees?

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