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Saturday, October 16, 2010 

JSA's left-wing sucker punch

I was looking around on the Dixonverse board, and discovered that left-liberalism has found its way into the Justice Society, when a reader informed of the following:
I was going to pick this up today with my books, but, after reading the 'Afterschool School Special/Degrassi Next Generation' on abused, alcoholic Gay Adoption superhero, I quickly put it back and saved $5.99. Still, I want to thank DC for putting this story first in the issue, they could have buried it in the back and I may have been duped into buying what I thought was a superhero book.
Dear dear dear. Looks like this ultra-lefty nonsense has struck again, I can guess, with Obsidian, whom they "outed" out of nowhere in recent times, maybe even before Renee Montoya underwent the abrupt change to lesbian in 2003. This sounds vaguely reminiscent of Alpha Flight's embarrassingly bad story with Northstar in 1992, written by Marvel's hack writer Scott Lobdell, one of a few books he wrote at the time that wasn't officially X-related. And they wonder why they're failing?

Reading this also brought to mind how, in the past year, I'd come across a handful of leftist message board posters and/or bloggers who were attacking DC Comics as "conservative", including one who was using the abominable Cry for Justice miniseries as an excuse to attack Glenn Beck! Why would anyone think DC Comics is "conservative" when a simple inspection under a microscope would show they're anything but? Besides, taking out their anger against the right won't solve any of the current problems at stake, and will only allow DC's rotten apple staffers to get away with the bad things they're doing, no matter what their political positions.

And isn't this the company that, when officially run by DiDio, fired conservative-leaning Chuck Dixon altogether after all the good he tried to bring them?

One more item that's worth noting on the same thread is this:
I love Golden Age characters in general and the JSA in particular, but I think it's time for DC to put them away for a while. DC has gotten so wrapped up in the whole legacy thing that they're forgetting to just tell stories. Never mind the fact that, for most of them, it's just ridiculous that they're still running around at all. DC should have employed a sliding timescale with the JSA so that they were always 20 years older than the JLA, but instead they chose to keep them tied to WWII (which is no more integral to most of them than it is to Superman and Batman, unlike Captain America, for example). Personally, I'd rather see a revived All-Star Squadron set back during WWII, and see the JSA (and the Freedom Fighters, and all the other Golden Agers) in their prime.
Trouble is, even that would surely undergo leftist indoctrination, including vicious anti-war propaganda! Seeing how DC handles their output these days, I wouldn't put it past them.

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They brought out a left-wing JSA miniseries based in WWII before the Johns serieses started, IIRC. Could have been written by Howard Zinn. All the usual tropes were there: Dresden, a-bombs, classism, racism, WMDs, you name it. The nominal bad guy was depicted as only slightly better than the USA.

Found it. It was actually a series of "#1" gimmick books brought out in 2003. Collected as "The Justice Society Returns."

That stuff about DC being 'conservative' is hilarous. People on the internet are nuts anymore. There's actually folks now who claim CNN has a 'conservative bias.' Comic fanbois are among the most insane, so those claims don't surprise me much.

I've heard everyone from Andrew Sullivan to Hitchens called 'conservative.' Dang, what the heck is an average liberal then- Pol Pot maybe?

Man, I'm so sick of all this gay, gay, gay everything. Can't watch the dang television for 2 minutes without being lectured by the famed biology, psychology and ethics experts Wanda Sykes and Lance Bass.

I've been reading comics since the late 50s and actually have a collection that goes back to the early 70s. I've recently decided to stop buying and reading comics. When I open a Captain America comic and read that Nazis, white supremacists and tea party people are who is causing unrest in the world, it's time to leave. I have a BA in Arabic and did 20 years in military intel. Do the math. So this thing with the JLA and The 99? Buh-bye.

The JSA has been used for a lot of this crap. A few years back I read that the retconned reason why they stopped fighting crime in the 1950s was as a protest against McCarthyism.

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