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Wednesday, November 03, 2010 

Jim Lee says he's shocked by criticism of WW's current costume

Artist Jim Lee, who's been vice-president of DC Entertainment for about a year now, is reacting to the criticism of their redesign of Wonder Woman's costume as unpatriotic:
Jim Lee has said that he was surprised that his redesigned costume for Wonder Woman was called "unpatriotic".

The comic book artist told Metro that, while he expected criticism from fans, the nature of the attacks from some Fox News pundits shocked him.
Why do I get the feeling he's just seeking a chance to take a stab at FOX News? And even if the costume redesign wasn't intended as an insult to patriotism, it's still as unimaginative as J. Michael Stracynski's writing, the main problem with the series now, not to mention very awkward:
How can she swing her arms, if at all, without feeling rope-burn? Those straps are just too silly for words, and pointless. Nor is the artwork by Don Kramer very good.

JMS also has a problem of not using a lot of the supporting casts of characters in the books he writes, Spider-Man being one example, and this problem even turns up in his work on WW (is Vanessa Kapatelis in here? Apparently not). That she's downgraded as something close to a mere martial artist doesn't help matters either.
Lee said: "I covered her up and fans of the ample bosom said 'No!'. You can't win... You expect criticism from fans who don't like you changing anything they grew up with but I never thought anyone would come up with that 'unpatriotic' angle.

"Wonder Woman isn't even American, she's an Amazon princess. It teaches you how any media group can really put a spin on anything."
As it so happens, he didn't "cover her up" literally (though one can only wonder, with the way they're going down the drain today, if they'd be willing to do that), he only gave her a pair of pants to wear, so I think that's a little exaggerated, but why is he bringing up her bosom? Is he implying we fans are just a bunch of sex-addicted freaks? Nice going there, invoking the nerds-stuck-in-the-basement stereotype.

And WW may not be American per se, but was created as a heroine who supports both the USA and its best beliefs, including patriotism. And in this current decade, when American patriotism is being slighted, did it ever occur to Lee that this could be why some people are bothered about the costume change?

I suppose the the most annoying problem with this report from a UK website is that Lee cites FOX News as the bane of their problems. What, CNN couldn't have bothered them as well? Please. Maybe he's just upset because the Republicans and the tea party won big on Capitol Hill yesterday.

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