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Wednesday, June 13, 2012 

Bizarre tattoo diversity in Green Lantern

In DC's latest upcoming publicity stunt for diversity's sake, they're coming up with a GL member who may or may not be a Muslim (and still no Armenian characters anywhere in sight), with a tattoo of the Arabic word for courage on his right arm and is carrying a handgun:
While the introduction of an Arab character might be welcomed as bringing more diversity, the portrayal of the new Green Lantern on the cover of Green Lantern #0 is generating quite a bit of controversy. If the character is an Arab, many fans are pointing out that permanent tattoos are forbidden in the Islam religion. However, others have also pointed out that the tattoo could be non-permanent, and thus permitted. It’s also possible the new Green Lantern could be an Arab but not Muslim.
Well if he's not a Muslim like that Nightrunner character in Batman Inc, and is just simply of Arabic descent, then there's really no worries there. But that handgun? Just what is that supposed to be for?

In any case, they're right about what the Religion of Peace decrees: as told in Bukhari Vol.3 #299 in the Hadith, tattoos are forbidden, and it can include even temporary ones like what singer Erykah Badu got herself (H/T: Jihad Watch). That could explain why even if the tattoo on the new GL were a sci-fi application, it's still causing controversy nevertheless.

But even if this new character doesn't adhere to Islam, the sad part is, there's no chance DC would ever allow any negative critiques of it. And the pistol is simply ludicrous.

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Might just be an urban black dude, they often have Arabic names and stuff like that even if they're Christian or nothing in particular.

Careful, thunderbird, that might be considered, "raaaacist." I don't disagree with your point, but that's where we are, today.

On the plus side, I'm amazed he even has a gun. (As that's a no-no in our current anti-gun media.) Although, if he has a GL ring, why does he need a gun? Hmm....

It would have been amusing if they went with he's "both Arab and gay," and see how the Islamists cope with that.

Why do we need a 6th human Green Lantern (assuming they haven't been retconned away by now)?

Remember the black GL in the 80s? He was pretty cool, bring him back instead. This guy looks like he's trying to rob the reader.

If a power ring isn't going to work on an enemy, I'm not sure if a .38 will.

I don't know, maybe he'll work out ok, but I hate the whole tattoo subculture, be it rednecks or gangstaz. Ugly stuff.

It would have been amusing if they went with he's "both Arab and gay," and see how the Islamists cope with that.

Moth: Sorry, but our current crop of "courageous" creators -- who supposedly "love" controversy by turning characters gay and such -- would NEVER be truly brave and do what you suggest. Why? Maybe it's like what MSNBC pundit (and admitted socialist) Larry O'Donnell admitted: Because they know they could actually be in physical danger if they did something like that. O'Donnell said that's why he doesn't criticize Islam -- it's much easier to go after people like Mormons ... because they won't threaten him in response.

Exactly, Hube. O'Donnell is a nut.

Hube, yep, I know, but I was in the mood to put up the question I knew the answer to. I get silly like that, sometimes. I also should have done an Iran reference, cause they say there are no homosexuals in Iran, don'tcha know. I also suppose I said about the homosexual angle, because, hey, let's make everyone that way.

But, anyway, you're right, of course. As Mark Steyn noted, when you mock Christians, they'll protest and call it a day. When you mock Islam, you get a whole different group meeting you at the lobby.

At least, O'Donnell was honest when he said that? Which may be the only positive acknowledge I will give him?

Gun toting lunatic for the win. I don't understand why someone wearing a ring with the powers of a god would be waving around a low tech weapon in the first place. Also, why is it wearing a mask? Bizarre.

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