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Monday, June 25, 2012 

Ed Brubaker leaves Capt. America for more indie projects

The Comics Reporter interviewed Ed Brubaker, who's told that he'll be stopping his run on Captain America so he can focus more on his privately owned books. That's fine, as he really went overboard with that attack he made on the Tea Party a few years ago. And what he says in the interview about the story where he "killed" Steve Rogers and what followed is also pretty ridiculous:
"The Death of Captain America" turned out to be the best thing that happened to the book in ways because everything we were able to do after that, because the main character wasn't in the book, was so much more interesting than when he was in the book. It was a total curveball and you didn't know what was going to come next. There was a lot of fun to be had in it, and at the same time it was driven by these characters that were characters I had an attachment to from childhood.
Does that include Steve Rogers or doesn't it? What he's implying is that Cap was the least interesting character to him, or that he considers him boring, and if that's what he's saying, it's a real dismay. Not only is he putting down Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's creation, he's showing a complete disability and disinterest in trying to make Cap more interesting if he thinks past writing efforts weren't up to his level.
SPURGEON: Tell me this. You've worked this specific period for Marvel. I don't follow the mainstream books as closely as I would if this were the main focus of the site. It seems to me, though, that this period has been distinguished by a pretty deep writer's bench for Marvel. There are a lot of you guys that are talented, that are working on those books for Marvel.

BRUBAKER: I definitely think... they've got Jason Aaron, and Jonathan Hickman and Matt Fraction and Rick Remender. Obviously Brian Bendis, who writes so many comics I can't understand how he possibly keeps up. Kieron Gillen... all of these guys are talented guys.
Sure they are. Fraction, one who's got some of the worst leftist leanings for writers today, and Bendis, the one who made a mockery of the Avengers by shaming the Scarlet Witch, and didn't have the courage to write and market the cast he had like Luke Cage and Dr. Strange in titles more suited to their professions like Heroes for Hire and the Defenders, and who even relied on obvious choices like Spider-Man and Wolverine, who've already got enough books to star in. Nor did he have much affection for Hawkeye, another victim of his pretentious writing. I don't know about the rest of Brubaker's picks, but Fraction and Bendis are certainly among the worst of Quesada/Alonso's favored writers who've littered up the company.

If Brubaker's at least one foot out the door at Marvel, he could end up becoming another signal of how they're losing talent because of the draconian editorial mandates they've imposed for a decade now on how their output is to be published, though he himself went along with a lot of it, and was therefore an accomplice to wrecking the company.

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More of these guys need to do this. If you want to do stupid stuff in comics, do it in your own book. Leave the classic characters alone.

I think Brubaker's Cap was a phenomenal comic (who cares about the politics of one or two issues). As to Bendis and Fraction, I have to agree about them littering up the neighborhood. I'll be glad when they are off their respective books and writing their drivel for the independents.

Yeah, they'd do good to get some new blood in there. I think they rely way too much on fanboy reputations instead of actual results. Sales probably aren't worth their pay in a lot of cases.

I never thought Brubaker's run on Cap was anything special. I didn't like how they resurrected Bucky, killed off Steve Rogers in an obvious publicity stunt and of course, the anti-Tea Party storyline "Two Americas." That was a complete joke. I'm glad that he'll be leaving the title, but there's no garuntee the new writer will be any better.

I'm all for anyone who attacks the Tea Party (that group of ignorant, divisive, unwitting shills for the GOP and big business) -- but I gave up on Brubaker's Cap before Brubaker did. It's just boring. Same reason I gave up on his Daredevil run. I should've learned my lesson from that.

Yeah, like the Occupyers, that dumb, ignorant, divisive, unwitting group of shills for left-wing causes and socialism.

Ah, yes, those shills for the GOP who have caused many GOP establishment types to have to find new employment.

And those big business shills who first started to coalesce when the corporatist bailouts began.

It really helps if one has a clue what one is talking about.

Yeah, DB sounds like your typical delusional Occupy socialist who lives in a fantasy world where the tycoons "stole" money from ordinary people... how pathetic. Like Drizzt said, it helps if one knows what you're talking about, and clearly DB doesn't.

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