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Sunday, January 20, 2013 

Does Stjepan Sejic take Ron Marz's side on gun control?

Comics artist Sejic, who collaborated with Marz on some of his Top Cow assignments, gave the following reply to the latter on his standings about gun control:

He almost manages to make the right point here, that it's people who kill other people, and not just guns, but I think he slipped on the issue of insanity, and falls back on the same position that Marz does. Who says you can't control the crazies? The American Interest (via Front Page Magazine) wrote about how a lot of the maniacs who went on shooting sprees since 1982 were mentally insane, and raises some legitimate arguments about why crackpots do need to be dealt with. And I believe they can be prevented from getting hold of legal firearms if authorities were really committed to passing laws that would make it easier to bar the insane from obtaining guns and getting them institutionalized, keeping them far away from innocents.

Sejic, like Marz, needs to ponder how sloppy laws dealing with the mentally insane are what lead to gun violence and allow them to get a hold of weapons, not just the weapons themselves.


lol..stjepan sejic here

you want my full opinion, then here it is. i pity the true gun nerds

see, i myself , i love weaponry, it is intricate example of craftsmanship and engineering. personally I'm partial to swords

it is sad that those who are gun nerds , and those who are responsible gun owners have to go through this. being a nerd myself for several things i know how i would be pissed off.

my opinion is, guns need a proper control . they are weapons, by control i mean, a background check of people buying them.

see, i come from a different environment. my country was in a war a little over a decade ago. after that war we saw what unregulated weaponry in wrong hands can do. we had massive shootings, and we didn't stop at guns alone. we had people with grenades going to town chucking that shit left and right followed by some AK bursts

we put that stuff under control

so now our shootings are pistol caused.. and rare

now... croatia is a young democracy...

america is far older.

so my standpoint is... i like weaponry (again i prefer swords and old style guns), but it is weaponry. and as such , for the sake of responsible gun owners, shouldnt be handed out like haloween candy to any masked weirdo.

next time, do us both a favor, and ask me of my opinion before you get into a twitter line inspired rant.

Hello, Mr. Sejic. Hope you're doing well, and if I misunderstood anything from your tweet, you have my mea culpa; I'm human and I too make mistakes. That said, I maintain that the right to self-defense and defending other innocent lives is important for every innocent person to have, lest we all fall victim to violent criminals.

I would just note that blades can also be something violent criminals, insane or otherwise, can exploit, and that's one more reason why it's important to be able to maintain self-defense rights. If we can take that into account when debating all these issues, it can come in helpful.

So anyway, thanks for popping by, and let me wish you well with your art career in the future.

and that is something we both can agree on then.i respect responsible gun owners. my father was one, he was a cop who fought in the war.

but he taught me about responsibility. not everyone had such luck in life.

a gun for protection i approve of. i would be out of touch with reality to say that this issue is a simple one. world is an unpredictable dangerous place, we all wish to protect our loved ones.

i think we can agree that right to bear arms is a symbol of great civic freedom, and steps should be taken to prevent this freedom from being abused, sullied and degraded by those who lack the basest of sense of responsibility

I don't like dead children, which is why I support the right for their parents to bear arms to protect them.

As a husband and father, protecting my family is one of, if not the, most important duties I'm charged with. Trying to take away that protection from my family with fatuous claims of protecting them gets my blood up.

There's a reason why gun control is called gun *control* - because that's what it's about. It's not about protecting people.

Wow, that Marz sure is one big brain. Can I scream "STFU" to everyone the next time anyone wants to debate the merits of the Constitution/individual rights with me?


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