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Thursday, January 17, 2013 

Why can't the X-Women have a title with that exact name?

Among the series being relaunched as part of Marvel's NOW nonsense, all for the sake of short-term sales ploys, the sans-adjective X-Men is one of them, and the weirdest thing is how, even as the female members of the team take the spotlight in this rendition, it's still being titled "X-Men", and the article says:
The writer [Brian Wood] also hopes that the new X-Men will address — and perhaps shatter — the perception in superhero comics that female characters typically lack the iconic power or broad appeal to anchor a major hit.
But if they can't give the series and its stars a title that clearly defines them as the women they are like "X-Women", then they are enforcing the perception that they don't have faith in the cast to carry the book on their own, and come to think of it, they're not even convincingly selling the book based on the quality of writing, which, knowing how Marvel's editorial operates, isn't bound to be granted the creative freedom for the writer to pen much that's stand-alone. How much time will it be before this series too gets hijacked by their next crossover? And, as this article tells:
The drama is starting right away in X-Men, beginning with Jubilee bringing home an orphaned baby who might be key to mankind's survival. Meanwhile, someone else shows up — namely Sublime, a villainous bacteria from Grant Morrison's New X-Men run that can take over human beings but is currently faced with a threat of his own coming from outer space.
Ugh, we could really do without Morrison's incoherent ideas. And, how do we know that the outer space menace won't be tied in with whatever crossovers they have in store?

Wood also says he's going to bring in focus on sexual relationships in this series volume. He claims he'll do it tastefully, but with all the dishonest marketing already delivered by Quesada and bound to continue under Alonso, I wouldn't count on this being any better. And again, if they think the X-Women have the potential to win over an audience, then they should have the courage to market them that way, and not rely only on an existing-though-relaunched series that uses "Men" as its moniker.

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I saw this news around the place and knew you'd blog on it. I honestly couldn't be bothered because it parodies itself.

An all female book called ANYTHING-Men is a fortiori a priori retarded as a bag of hammers. Added to which this is yet another Jack the Ripper slash to pieces job on any kind of continuity.

It really is just the last 50,000 saddest of the sad buying this crap come what may.

I agree... it should be called X-Women or something a bit more creative than simply "X-Men," especially if it has an all-female cast.

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