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Thursday, January 02, 2014 

Ron Marz takes potshot at Kurt Schlichter

All because he doesn't like a rock band:

First shocker of the year involving a left-wing comics writer is in: Marz apparently takes offense at Schlichter just because he's a conservative voicing an opinion about some two-bit rock band's music! And, Schlichter's employment at Breitbart/Town Hall is his excuse for potshooting at him. Honestly, I couldn't care less about what Schlichter thinks of most rock bands, and I figure Marz wouldn't either if Schlichter were a liberal. My favorite music is usually country/classical anyway, with Italian/French topping the charts.

And if Marz thinks righties lecture, he should take a look at some of the lefties who do the same. Of course, those lecturers are only a cure for insomnia by now. Much like Marz's own meaningless tweets.


Perhaps it hasn't dawned on you that Ron probably doesn't care?

Actually, it's dawned on many people that Marz is an immature, intolerant punk. Unless you agree with him, that is.

This exchange (and similar ones at Hube's blog, Colossus of Rhodey) always prove to me that Twitter is the last refuge of adolescent snark. C'mon, guys, disagree and let it go.

Art: While I don't disagree, to whom are you referring, though? It wasn't I (or Doug Ernst, or Avi) who initially reacted snarkily on Twitter when asked simple questions. It was the so-called professionals. Disagreeing with them is what brings on the snark. Anyone who does so is just stupid, or "beneath" them b/c they have a big platform.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Never cared much for RATM myself. I always thought they were whiny socialistic hypocrites who bemoaned how "evil" large corporations were while being signed to a corporate record label and raking in tons of dough for their "music," which is just incoherent noise.

Art: I don't disagree with your point about Twitter being overrun with overgrown children, but Hube has done no such thing. The so-called "comics professionals" are the ones who have been reacted snarkily on Twitter to those with whom they disagree.

I'm guessing these increasingly frequent unhinged rants are Marz's attempt to get noticed in the industry (or anywhere) again. Sad.

Radio silence on Art's end. Telling.

Drizzt: Probably, although I'm amazed he ever got into the industry to begin with, since he's a terrible writer.

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