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Thursday, September 18, 2014 

More liberal bias by Patrick Zircher

Zircher's decided to put more of his leftism on display in this batch of tweets. For example:

That may have been the case at one time, but not today. Has he ever heard of Rick Veitch's Trutherist propaganda called The Big Lie? In fairness, there's a gazillion creator-owned books out there even I know too little about, so we could probably excuse him for not knowing either. We can assume he's talking about mainstream, but whereas most early mainstream adventure fare usually didn't overplay leftism and certainly didn't embrace nasty ideas the way later products like Identity Crisis, Avengers: Disassembled, Civil War and Blackest Night did, now they're going overboard and putting their dirty laundry on display in ways like never before. Once, creators did understand the value of keeping their politics to a minimum, but now, that's changed with Civil War in particular. Even before that, the Marvel Knights take on Captain America by John Ney Reiber and The Truth: Red, White and Black were more embarrassing examples of blame-America tactics on display. How are those not deeply politicized? You shouldn't just say few are deep into politics without checking to see if that still holds true, nor should you refuse to acknowledge a lot of today's bigwigs are leftists themselves.

Once, they were artists before being leftists, but today, that's no longer the case either, and you have artists like Zircher blatantly airing their leftism on Twitter as was seldom seen before.

Why indeed? The real query is, why sexual orientation - meaning, LGBT lifestyle - should only be depicted positively, and no disagreement allowed unless the dissenting characters are depicted negatively? And if he's talking about mainstream, how come so little emphasis on ethnic groups like Danish, Ghanians, Armenians, Arabs of non-Muslim background, Copts, Basque and Burmese, if there's any emphasis at all? Over the years, any presentation that has appeared in mainstream was superficial at best. That's why IMO, they've been all but excluded from mainstream. That's what he misses here, and I'm sure his query was wholly deliberate.

When topics like this come up, I can't help but find it amusing how leftists like Zircher have such a beef with Fox, when even conservatives don't take everything they say at face value. And I never understand why leftists like him keep it up when Rupert Murdoch's associations with the Saudi prince al-Walid bin Talal would probably be to their liking. I'm wondering if his buddy Ron Marz, if he didn't know that part before, will suddenly decide to change his stance on Fox after he realizes whom Murdoch's hung out with over the years.

Well I hope he understands there's nothing entertaining about depicting women as negatively as Identity Crisis and Avengers: Disassembled did either. Moral standards must apply as much in comic book writing as in real life.

Has he spoken with conservative writers who feel they wound up blackballed by the Big Two? Chuck Dixon and Mike Baron are but two who've been. If Zircher hasn't, then there's little point in this superficial note.

Has he by any chance ever read articles like these? When I read about what goes on in the darkest regions of the world, all I can think is how dark the inhuman soul can be. So much hate mongered there, and no way to tell if leftists like Zircher care enough about it. Sigh.

Update: he's written another tweet where he lets know he's oblivious to a sad historical revelation:

Well I hate to break it to Mr. Zircher, but according to this info from the documentary They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust, under FDR's administration, Anne Frank's family was denied entry to the USA. And it should be noted that Neal Adams, one of the artists whom I think Zircher once said inspired him, was involved in the making of this documentary. And this Jewish Journal article (via Point of No Return) tells that FDR's government didn't want to repeal Vichy laws against Jews, and FDR said something very disgusting:
On January 17, 1943, Roosevelt met in Casablanca with Major-General Charles Nogues, a leader of the new “non-Vichy” regime. When the conversation turned to the question of rights for North African Jewry, Roosevelt did not mince words: “The number of Jews engaged in the practice of the professions (law, medicine, etc) should be definitely limited to the percentage that the Jewish population in North Africa bears to the whole of the North African population… The President stated that his plan would further eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore toward the Jews in Germany, namely, that while they represented a small part of the population, over fifty percent of the lawyers, doctors, school teachers, college professors, etc., in Germany, were Jews.” (It is not clear how FDR came up with that wildly exaggerated statistic.)
That's what FDR was really like. I know it's not easy to bear, but reality can be very harsh and sad. Again, let me remind here that Neal Adams was a contributor to the Wyman Institute's aforementioned documentary, and if he can wake up to reality, I would assume Zircher can too.

Update 2: here's something else more comics related I feel I have to comment on:

For heaven's sake, is this the Criticize Fictional Characters Instead of Writers mentality I grew tired of seeing over the years? Bill Finger and company created Dickles as a kind of comedy relief cast member in the Golden Age. What was Zircher expecting? That he be depicted more seriously in grim fashion? Even Ben Reilly can't be faulted for the atrocity that was the Clone Saga; that was entirely the fault of bad writing and editors who greenlighted it (and artists, recalling the awful art for one of those stories). Much as I admire Tom deFalco, any contribution he made to that embarrassment is a blemish on his career, and the same must be said about Terry Kavanaugh, another writer/editor at the time. It's bad enough to see would-be readers taking such an easy route, but stupefying when writers and artists do the same, no matter how terrible I found the stories in question. As of today, I don't let my disappointment in bad stories cloud me to the realization that the fictional characters aren't the ones at fault, but rather, the writers, no matter what their reputation. And why? Because I think that, as comics readers, it benefits better to let the wider world know we can make distinctions and know where criticism must be laid. And there's an old saying that there's "no bad characters, only bad writers". Neal Adams may have once made that point too.

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While it may be an overstatement to say that FDR was "complicit in the Holocaust," there is no doubt that he (and a lot of other people in the US and UK) were skeptical toward reports about it. Accounts of Nazi atrocities were dismissed as "Jewish propaganda" and "scare mongering."

Today, you see the same type of people claiming that Mossad was behind 9-11 and that ISIS/ISIL are agents provocateurs for the CIA.

FDR's views on Jews were definitely disgusting, though to be fair, I've seen even worse within the USSR (let's not forget Jacob Maze's rebuke to Leon Trotsky about how "Trotsky creates the Revolution, and the Bronsteins [Leon Trotsky's original surname] foot the bill." in response to Trotsky refusing to use his influence in the Red Army to prevent various Pogroms against the Jews instigated by Lenin).

Besides, even FDR probably would have made an actual effort to help the Jews, if for no other reason than to ensure he gets re-elected from his Jewish voting bloc rather than any genuine concern for them, had he actually been made fully aware of the situation. If anything, I blame that so-called "Rabbi" Stephen Samuel Wise even more than FDR. He was in a perfect position to actually expose the Nazi persecution of Jews and nip it in the bud before it could reach a high number, being a huge leader of the Jewish people in America if not the world. Yet not only did he not even lift a finger to help what was supposed to be his own people, he if anything went out of his way to sabotage any efforts to help them. Like, for example, did you know it was Wise who directly suggested to FDR that he ignore 400 orthodox Rabbis who were protesting for more action in 1943? Or how about his denouncing Ze’ev Jabotinsky as a traitor during that time, or his referring to Peter Bergson, the leader of the Bergson Group, as “worse than Hitler” just for trying to raise awareness of the Jewish persecutions there, allegedly because somehow, millions of Jews evacuating would increase anti-Semitism. Apparently, Rabbi David Kestenbaum was even phoned by Wise repeatedly to stop pressuring FDR to save the Jews in Europe, even implied that to do so was un-American. Read all about it here: https://www.algemeiner.com/2012/11/04/the-shameful-legacy-of-rabbi-stephen-wise/ Probably the only thing even worse about him than that is that he not only had explicit Marxist sympathies, he actually had the gall to claim that Marxism is one and the same with Judaism. This is despite Marxism as a whole being an explicitly anti-Semitic ideology that even in the USSR instigated countless pogroms against even fellow Jewish people (not to mention Marx being more directly inspired in creating that sordid ideology by the likes of Voltaire and Diderot, not to mention Robespierre, than he ever was inspired by the Talmud), and if anything gave a lot more ammo for anti-Semites than helping Jews in Europe ever did despite his claims. Due to his being a rabbi, a religious leader within the Jewish community, his actions during that time were even worse than with Marx and Trotsky. At least those guys either gave up their Jewish religion or never were even brought up with it in the first place, while Wise literally tarnished the religion he helmed. I'm not even fond of the Talmud at all, yet I'm still disgusted with what Wise did, or that he's honored like this. I'm actually surprised he'd sing praises for Pope Pius XII for saving the Jews during that horrific time (credit his eminance definitely deserves, I might add), since knowing how he treated Jabotinsky, the Bergman Group, and Kestenbaum, I would have fully expected for him to denounce him as a Nazi sympathizer.

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