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Monday, September 15, 2014 

Patrick Zircher keeps distorting the facts surrounding Ferguson riots

Zircher, the artist who drew comics like the New Warriors, Iron Man and Nightwing, and whose work I read some of years before, still believes Ferguson's riots are merely a protest, and solely the cause of white-vs-black racism. Here are at least 3 tweets he wrote to that effect:

Protesting, yes, but rioting, no. Yet he continues to live the lie this was just some sick white cop attacking an innocent black. Perhaps he should read this recent CNN report - from a company run by his leftist brethren - to learn some more about the real picture he turns his back to:
In a first account of its kind, a caller to Radio America's "The Dana Show," who identified herself only as Josie, told listeners a detailed account of Officer Darren Wilson's side. A source with detailed knowledge of the investigation told CNN it accurately matched what the officer has told investigators.

"He said all of a sudden, he just started to bum rush him," she said. "He just started coming at him full speed, and so he just started shooting and he just kept coming."

"I can even say without speaking to Darren, without even having heard his statements, that at that moment in time, he was scared for his life, I am 100% positive of that," Wilson's longtime high school friend Jake Shepard told CNN.
As noted before, there have been several witnesses to the assault that left Wilson with an eye injury, and now, about a month after the riots CNN themselves were stoking, they're beginning to admit everything was taken out of context. Unless Zircher respects his fellow leftists, we can only wonder now if he'll turn against CNN and cease watching them, their political leanings notwithstanding.

And if you think an improper, obnoxious riot that saw various businesses get trashed breaks no laws in a democratic country, read some of the legal system rules. And take a look at this slideshow of all the damage done. Some reporters were even threatened by rioters while trying to record all the vandalism. And I'm trying to figure out why the leftist media wants to back mindless, narrow hoodlums more than willing to turn against them no matter what their politics.

Has Zircher read this news about an attack by a black gang at a Memphis grocery store? It says:
Police reported they had received a September 6 surveillance video showing the swarm of black teens pushing, punching and kicking the young store employees at the entrance to the store.

According to Memphis police, the group emerged from a restaurant in the same strip mall and immediately attacked a 25-year-old man as he left his car in the parking lot and headed for the grocery store.

Two grocery store employees ran to the man's aide, and the black mob attacked them as well, brutally beating all three victims into unconsciousness.

Police report that the crowd of up to 20 teens were laughing and yelling "fan mob."

All three victims were treated on the scene and refused transportation to the hospital.

Video taken by customers on the scene attest to the viciousness of the attack. It shows screaming, joking, laughing black members of the mob attacking and kicking a white Kroger employee lying immobile on the ground.
Several arrests have already been made for this crime. Two years earlier, a white teen named Allen Coon was nearly set on fire by two racist black students. Does Zircher think blacks have gotten over racism any more than whites if this is what some think makes for great sport? And if he's really concerned about anti-black racism, then does he care about blacks who've been enslaved in modern day north Africa by white Islamofasicsts? As this article tells, it makes no difference to them even if the black residents are Muslim too; the white Muslims continue their prejudice against them.

On the other hand, he's one of the not too many comics artists/writers who's addressed 9-11, and his comment here seems fairly respectable:

If he cares, I'm amazed. It's crucial to remember, because there's quite a few leftists out there who'd rather we all forget the tragedy and what led to it. There's even Trutherists running amok, and sympathizers with their twisted viewpoints more than willing to give them a platform. And, there's pro-Islamists sympathizers trying to censor the facts surrounding 9-11. Zircher would do well to think about that.

But it still doesn't excuse his distortions of the facts surrounding Ferguson, and he shouldn't act as though Blacks, Latinos and Asians can't be racist towards a white person. Ayaan Hirsi Ali made clear 5 years ago that it's not just one sector of society that's a problem.

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"Execution?" Glad to know Zircher knows the facts of the story as no one else does. Yet.

And I'm certain Zirch is a big fan of the Tea Party and their protests. Cheeyeah, right.

Zircher "knows" all of the "facts of the story" that he wants to know. The cop was white, the decedent was black. Therefore, the cop is guilty, the decedent was innocent, and the shooting could not possibly be justified under any circumstances. Therefore, no need to consider the circumstances.

Similarly, the rioters were black, therefore it automatically follows that the riots were justified.

And anyone who disagrees must be a "racist."

Does Zircher condone the riots in Salt Lake City, after a black cop shot and killed an unarmed young white man just two days after the Ferguson shooting? Does he condone the white mobs throwing molotov cocktails, looting stores, and beating up unarmed victims? ("The American Spirit in action.")

Oh, wait...there was no rioting or looting in Salt Lake. And very little publicity.

I thank Ron Marz for his constant promotion of your blog. I think he is so ignorant that he does not have a clue to how many people come here to read this and see him for the blind one sided person that he is.
You have a reader that appreciates your point of view and the fact that you point out how hypocritical some of these people are. Sorry Marz you are only making yourself look foolish by attacking Avi.

Thank you Ron Marz, if it was not for your ignorant tweets I may have never found this great blog.

In these types of situations, there is a 50/50 chance of picking out who's in the right at the moment of the incident. Zircher is one of those people who continuously picks the wrong one every-time.

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