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Tuesday, November 25, 2014 

More Marz muddles

Marz continues to muddle his way through the political spectrum, with tweets about illegal immigration, for example:

I thought deportation was expected when you're dealing with interlopers who make their way into the country without good cause? Or maybe Marz just doesn't care about crime committed by illegal trespassers in the USA?

Maybe so, but there's also rules to follow, and in past centuries, politicians also believed certain laws must be respected. I guess he doesn't think George Washington was right if he believed in maintaining border laws?

Sigh. Here goes Marz "putting words in the mouth" of a source he despises because they're more successful than he. Of course Obama never said that, and neither did Breitbart.

I can recall a lot of anti-conservative rants by Marz, ditto the anti-gun rants. So what's his point?

Wow, look who's talking about charlatans! The same guy who grins from ear to ear over his so-called success with Green Lantern.

Does that include Dan Slott, by any chance? What about Joe Quesada and Dan DiDio? And, to make a crucial point, does Marz's statement allude to scriptwriters who pen abominable stories like Identity Crisis? Because behavior in real life proper isn't the only problem. There's also so-called writers who disrespect women via fictional stories, to name but one example. There's also writers with incredibly bloated egos like Brian Bendis and Geoff Johns, who've also written some very awful tales over the past decade. Do they count? Somebody replied to Marz that we need to stop giving a free pass to offenders just because they write media we love. A statement that's very similar to the point I want to make.

And we are fully content to be on the opposite side of Marz when focusing on issues like these.

Does that mean he's not a Heston fan? Sigh. He doesn't know what he's missing. Next up are his reactions to the Ferguson jury's acquittal of the officer who'd been assaulted by Mike Brown:

The only baffling ineptitude I can find is that of people like Marz, who'd rather play along with the MSM's deceptions than be honest and admit it was all a distortion of a case involving a 6'5 man who assaulted a policeman for no good reason after robbing a store.

Hugely disappointed Marz only sees what he wants to, and views the white man as the sole problem on this planet, except in special circumstances. But not at all surprised.

Darren Wilson acted in self-defense. His injured eye at the time means nothing? There were black eyewitnesses who confirmed Brown attacked him too.

I think Marz's knee-jerk reaction is making me sleepy. Zzzz...

Man, he sure must hate a guy he never met, right? And just because his leftist peers say so.

Translation: if a Marvel universe story were ever written where J. Jonah Jameson defends a hoodlum and villifies an innocent cop, he'll be quite fine with that, and won't like it one bit if Spider-Man and Captain America come to the officer's defense.

Wow, and this was the same guy who said comicdom needs to police itself better to avoid acting abominably. Obviously, that doesn't include Marz and his ilk. Next, he'll call for harrassment of me again, which'll only be an honor if he does. And then, if Stan Lee were to speak in Wilson's defense, he'd demonize him too if he thought it were easy. This is certainly why a lot of conservatives in comicdom and Hollywood feel they have to keep quiet, because the leftists are near automatically hostile to any view they abhor.

Hard to have hope with naive men like Marz babbling away. Why can't he come to terms with what the real race war is in modern times? At least he's willing to admit now that rioting and arson are bad. Okay, does that mean he admits all that wanton destruction by the rioters was uncalled for? There's just no way to ascertain that for now, alas.

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Well said, remember this nut had an issue when truthwillwin1 said we should wait for the facts before passing judgement. Now Ron Marz still does not have the facts and he is going off on another rant.
Looking back truthwillwin1 was right. All people like Marz do is cause more issues rather than helping the situation.

Thanks for sharing this Ron! This does shed some lite on how ignorant you are.

"Ron Marz‏@ronmarz
Why do they care in the least what I think or do? I really don't really get it."

It is because he twists the facts and spreads it to thousands. Why does he get to spread his views to others if we don't?
We care because he is causing more harm and you he is not helping the situation.

So Marz thinks he can speak publicly and no one should be able to have a view on it?

Remember -- because Marz has thousands of Twitter followers and writes comicbooks he's SMARTER than you by default!


How about this tweet!

"Heidi MacDonald‏@Comixace·36m36 minutes ago
@hermanos I was trying to head off those "Free speech" idiots -- but I guess my point was too subtle.'"

"Free speech idiots"
This idiot uses free speech to her benefit.

We are "a nation of immigrants." Immigrants who came here legally, learned to speak English, and worked to support themselves and their families. Not trespassers who violate our laws, draw public assistance benefits, and even commit terrorist acts.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want to stop illegal immigration. Democrats see illegal immigrants as a source of votes, and both Republicans and limousine liberal Democrats see them as a source of cheap labor.

If you look at Ferguson objectively, the evidence leads inescapably to the conclusion that the cop stopped Brown for jaywalking, Brown savagely attacked the cop, and the cop was forced to shoot Brown in self-defense.

Marz and his ilk, however, are uninterested in examining facts before drawing a conclusion. Their attitude is, "The guy who got shot was black, the cop who shot him is white, that's all I need to know. The deceased must have been innocent, and the cop must be guilty. End of story."

And, ironically, if you say, "I want to know all the facts before forming an opinion," then Marz will accuse you of being "prejudiced" and "racist."

I never heard Marz & Co. expressing any outrage over the murders of Simon Mitchell, Yngve Raustein, Hoang Nguyen, or Ralph Santiago, all of whom were beaten to death by thugs playing the "knockout game." The victims in those cases were apparently the wrong color.

(BTW, the media repeatedly referred to Michael Brown as a "youth," a "child," and a "teenager." He was five years older than the thugs who beat Santiago to death.)

And Marz and other liberals seem uninterested in the police shootings of Erik Scott, Jose Guerena, and Dillon Taylor. Again, the people who got shot did not look like Obama's hypothetical son.

I do not claim that those three police shootings were necessarily unjustified. Maybe bad cops panicked and over-reacted, but maybe the suspects attacked the cops and the cops were forced to shoot them in self-defense. Or maybe well-meaning cops made tragic mistakes when they were forced to make life-or-death decisions in a split second.

But if you are willing to consider those same possibilities in the Ferguson case, you are a "racist."

Look who is now an expert on free speech:

He has not clue, he might not like what he has to say and I don't as well but he has the right to say it.

The grand jury spent more than three weeks on the case, examining evidence found by federal, state, and local investigators, and hearing testimony from sixty witnesses, before reaching the verdict that "disgusted" Marz. Marz thinks he knows more than the grand jury because he saw some slanted news reports on CNN. And because he writes scripts for comic books (an obsolescent and dying medium) while listening to Roger Waters.

Michael Brown's parents released a statement saying they are disappointed that "our son's killer will not have to face the consequences of his actions."

It was Brown who committed "actions" and suffered the consequences. The cop did not act, he reacted.

As for their son's "killer," three people are responsible for Brown's death. One is Michael Brown himself. The other two are his parents. They raised a thug, he lived as a thug, and he died like a thug.

Brown's parents, like Trayvon Martin's parents, should have been sent to jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor a long time ago.

Ron Marz must be your biggest fan since he reads all of your posts or he is constantly crying to his twitter to come after you and failing. For a guy with over 16K followers he clearly can’t get much support.

Ron Marz has the EI and IQ of a 4 year old...well that may be insulting the 4 year old.

Tweets like this one prove only one thing:
That tweet is dumb on many levels.

Ron Marz writes political tweets that possess more fiction than the comics he writes and both of them are written poorly. I am sure that if he could he would have put you in a refrigerator by now.

FYI Marz this is another anonymous person, notice they are plural.


No, there is nothing like justice that brings out the crazy left wing nuts on twitter.

Anonymous- Rob

Marz wants to "go outside and scream" because of the phrase "final 10 shots."

Apparently, he thinks that real life is like an action movie, where the bad guy always drops like a rock after being shot once.

IRL, it often takes multiple shots to stop an assailant. Criminals are often berserk or psychotic, or high on drugs, and insensitive to pain. If they are obese or extremely muscular, bullets may not penetrate deep enough to affect them. (Brown was over 6' tall and weighed close to 300 pounds.)

In one case in New York City, a gunman was shot 10 times in a gunfight, but kept shooting and wounded two police officers before he finally succumbed. In another NYPD case, a gunman high on crack was shot 18 times, but kept shooting and wounded three officers. He was still on his feet and reloading his gun when the Emergency Services Unit arrived and blew his head off with a shotgun.

Bottom line: Brown attacked Wilson. The shooting was in self-defense. Period.

And Marz sarcastically asks what will happen to the money that was donated for Wilson's legal defense. The fact is, Wilson still needs it. Brown's parents may sue him (although it is more likely that they will sue the city, since it has deeper pockets).

And the Nobama administration might prosecute Wilson on federal charges, for violating Brown's civil rights, and/or for a "hate crime." Especially since Barry needs a decoy to divert attention from the rising cost of health insurance, the increased unemployment rate, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, ISIS, and the NSA scandal.

Marz is just making bad jokes right? No one can be that ignorant, well then again he does write comic books for a living.

Marz writes the Skylanders comic? Proof once again of the wisdom of not letting my kids anywhere near comics these days.

Wonder if our extreme left, "creative" type friends even realize how badly they've cannibalized their own potential readership...

So Marz doesn't think America should enforce its borders and that it's a nation of immigrants. I guess he should read the federal censuses dating back to 1790 and state and city records instead of quoting eighth grade history books. The vast majority of Americans have been born here ever since the country was founded.

As far as Michael Brown goes, his shooting had nothing to do with race, and he was a Kong sized thug who had just committed strong atmed robbery and liked to write rap "lyrics" about rape. Apparently that doesn't fit Marz's narrative about institutional White racism, critical race theory, political correctness or whatever mish mash of Marxist dogma he worships - probably without even realizing it.

I'm glad I don't read any of his comics. I hope Jonathon Hickman, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are more rational than he is because I like their stuff.

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