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Friday, December 12, 2014 

Now, Marvel wants to tell us Magneto's not the father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

First, it was Tony Stark they seek to disconnect from his industrialist parents. Now, according to this IO9 article, they may be trying a similar tactic with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver:
This week's Avengers & X-Men: Axis #7 has reshaped the history of the Marvel Universe with just a few panels, but here's the crazy part: the change makes sense! (In it's own weird way.) [...]

This post isn't about the storyline that has inverted the good and evil alignment of a few dozen heroes and villains - turning the X-Men into genocidal maniacs, Deadpool into a Zen pacifist and Iron Man into a drunken egomaniac (uh... so... did he invert or...?).

No, this is about the revelation that Scarlet Witch had when she accessed some dark magics she'd never have accessed if she were in her right mind:

So why is this such a big deal? Because the implication here is that despite over 30 years of comics and other media that have described Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as Magneto's children - that might all have been a lie!
No, it's the modern editors' dislike of better scripted storylines from years past, and their decision to deconstruct it ever further, without guaranteeing a satisfying replacement for the older material. I'm sorry, but no matter what they're trying to pull for the sake of defending Tom Brevoort and company's steps, this has long ceased to be amusing, especially the inversions they speak of. The interview from Newsarama they linked to only confirms they're doubling back on the Wanda-as-crazy-powerhouse yet again, and says:
Newsarama: Tom, can you confirm what readers found out today in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #7 was that Magneto is not actually related to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?

Tom Brevoort: I don’t know that there’s any definitive proof of that one way or the other. But something pretty strange and unexpected is going on, certainly.

Nrama: Will be find out later about any other character(s) beside Pietro that was affected by the spell?

Brevoort: I tend to think that the spell in question was localized to the immediate area. Otherwise, it’s possible that Polaris might have been affected — or that she might not have been. Wiccan and Speed, likewise, may have been affected were they in the spell’s sphere of influence — but my feeling is that it was a localized phenomenon.

Nrama: Should readers assume at this time whether or not Wanda and Pietro are actually even mutants? Or should readers question that part of their history as well?

Brevoort: The history of both Wanda and Pietro is shrouded in a lot of mystery and mistaken assumptions, and has been virtually since day one. So I think you should definitely be wondering about all of it.

Nrama: And if we were to ask you directly if it's possible they're actually Inhumans, you'd reply...?

Brevoort: Uncanny Avengers #1 ships in January!
And nobody who likes the MCU needs to buy it. Whatever "revelations" they're planning this time, they're no longer interesting; there's no drama anymore. Now, they're suggesting Wanda and Pietro are what, aliens?!? This is only proof they've decided to undo all the hard work of older writers who did far better than they are, and don't even appreciate the "sins of the father don't fall upon the child" premise.

I'm not wondering whether Wanda and Pietro are Inhumans, aliens, or even elves. I'm only wondering how anybody can keep buying such dismal modern products from these awful people and not wake up to understand these have none of the worth the older Silver/Bronze Age stories have.

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Two less Jewish characters over at Marvel. I'm surprised G. Willow Wilson didn't write this.

Don't forget. They were all Gypsies, even Magneto before being retconned as Jewish.

Possibly driven by Disney (or at least written to please Marvel's corporate masters).

After all, if they'll cancel FF just to spite Fox, why wouldn't they retcon the twins as Inhumans or genetic experiments unrelated to Magneto in order to spite Fox over the shoehorning of Quicksilver into the last X-movie? While coincidentally feeding into the MCU line.

Constant retcons and revisions make it impossible to maintain interest in a series or its characters. The Whizzer and Miss America were the parents of Wanda and Pietro. No, they weren't. Their mother was named Magda, who was revealed as Magneto's wife. So Magneto is their father? No, that is being erased to make them consistent with the next Avengers movie. (And to sever any ties with the X-Men, since Disney/Marvel doesn't have the movie rights to that series.)

And Magneto began as a typical evil genius villain, then was portrayed as a sort of civil rights activist trying to protect his people from persecution, then was revealed as a Holocaust survivor, and then was later portrayed as a villain again.

It's as if the writers and editors can't make up their minds. Or, when new writers take over, they have an attitude of, "It was done all wrong before. Now, step aside and let me get it right."

And, of course, letting the movie adaptations direct the comics is the tail wagging the dog. Few movie-goers will buy any of the comic books, anyway. And those that do will be turned off by the over-complicated, over-long arcs and line-wide crossovers.

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