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Tuesday, May 05, 2015 

Joss Whedon was driven off Twitter by his own side

Coming just a few days after the huge box office opening for the Avengers sequel in movies, Whedon erased his Twitter page because of a stream of nasty messages he was getting from rabid feminists and such over some lines involving Black Widow in the film. The first one was:
The first issue is a throwaway joke during a scene in which the Avengers take turns trying to lift Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) hammer. When Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) makes his attempt, he says that as ruler of Asgard, he intends to re-institute Prima Nocta.

Prima Nocta is the right of kings to sleep with any woman on the night of her wedding. BuzzFeed’s movie critic referred to this as a “weird, old-timey rape joke” a week before the film was even released in the U.S. More recently the feminist site Feministing jumped on the bandwagon, criticizing the joke.
I don't know enough about how the Prima Nocta custom worked, but if it really was about demanding a woman who's about to be married to a different man have sex with the king even if she doesn't want to, then no, it doesn't sound like a very appealing joke. On the other hand:
The other issue which seems to have angered critics is the behavior of fictional character Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson) in the film. Again, spoilers ahead.

Late in the film, Black Widow reveals that she is unable to have a family because she was sterilized as part of her training to be a Russian spy. In the same scene she suggests that she, like Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), feels like a monster. Some critics took this as a suggestion that those unable to conceive children are monsters.
Yeah, this might've been an overreaction, since what the screenwriters might've meant was that she felt like a monster for being a commie spy. If that's the case, then this was taken out of context.

That said, the sad thing is that, despite his personal record of past writings featuring female protagonists with strong writing, Whedon wrote the introduction for DC's misogynist screed called Identity Crisis, which conflicts with his standings on women's status. If he turns a blind eye to the content and structure of a book that features sexual assault only as a plot device, and willfully writes up an introduction without objections, then he's contradicting what he says he's in favor of.

So maybe Whedon's getting chewed out by his own side is something that was coming to him for a long time, ironically or not. There's other mistakes he's made too, like his attacks on capitalists, and anyone who supports the GamerGate campaign won't be pleased to know he's chummy with one of the biggest propagandists the campaign was criticizing. All this explains why it's hard to feel sorry for him now that his past missteps have come back to bite.

I do wonder though, if the feminists and other leftists mad at Whedon now over those lines and scenes in the Avengers sequel were aware of the ill-advised introduction he wrote for Brad Meltzer's abomination back in the mid-2000s, and if they find it as abhorrent as the lines they took issue with in the film, because that miniseries definitely makes for a valid argument about terrible treatment of women in comics, and whether Whedon should be associating himself with a writer who willfully pens an atrocity. If they're not worried about that, then their complaints about Whedon's current steps will ring hollow.

Also, in more about the new Avengers movie, one of the people who yelled at Whedon was outraged he screwed up the "only female superhero Marvel's allowed us to have". Say what? Didn't they already have some films with ladies like Storm, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, and even Pepper Potts? I know that the 2 past FF movies weren't successful, but surely that still counts? And haven't they introduced Scarlet Witch to the new Avengers movie? It's pretty silly to say Black Widow's the only one Marvel "allowed", although one could probably make a similar argument about a few of the video games they licensed to Capcom to develop in the mid-90s: practically all the superheroines seen in those Marvel vs. Capcom games were from the X-Men, and none from Avengers, Inhumans or even Eternals, despite their being several female characters in those titles whose powers could've made them worthy candidates for a video game.

Update: by the way, since we mentioned Meltzer, he's given his support to "marriage equality". I was already aware that Meltzer was more or less a leftist, and this only confirms it all the more.

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I'm guessing why no one says anything about Whedon's intro to ID Crisis, it's all presentism: meaning the present is the only thing that matters. My biggest gripe with the internets is that we're forced to live this only-on present tense, and it can be real hard to keep up. Since ID Crisis was 11 years ago, and DC has done its share of stupid things since then and it all got undone in Flashpoint anyway, it's "wut?"

But yes, after Whedon's past leftist idiocy, I don't feel sorry for him. And eventually, the same people will forget, as they have with ID Crisis and he'll dole out some shiny leftism and all is forgiven. But that trick only works with leftists, as sadly, Chuck Dixon won't get that benefit of the doubt.

As for the pregnancy issue, toward the end of the first Secret Avengers run, she and Agent Venom were discussing about relationships -- as his secret affair with Valkyrie became known -- and she flat out said to him, 'don't have kids.' Because the context was that the kids could become a potential target and how miserable a superhero's life can be, and the slight exception to all that she said, was Luke Cage/Jessica Jones. I'm trying to remember more, but it was some time ago, since I read that.

Her point was well taken, as that's part of the risk of being a superhero, but it was pretty striking to have her outright say it. But then, she's not known to sugarcoat, either. Which makes this online lulz involving her movie character rather interesting.

Ever notice how the fast and easier communication gets, the more idiots seem to join in?

That is true of many things in life.

"Ever notice how the fast and easier communication gets, the more idiots seem to join in?"

Yes I have noticed Ron Marz years ago.

"Yes I have noticed Ron Marz years ago."

...saying specific names like this guy only lessens the impact of broad-range statements.

It's like people don't understand that the "prima nocta" remark was put in Tony Stark's mouth, and Tony Stark is a fictional character whose personality absolutely dictates that he would probably make such a mildly offensive joke. I think one could actually go further and reason that, were such an impossible thing to happen, then a lot of women would ENJOY having sex with Tony Stark AND that Tony Stark would probably be just barely compassionate enough to not exercise the right of prima nocta on women who wouldn't want to have sex with him anyway.

This stuff just gets beyond the point of ridiculousness. It's such a BARELY offensive joke and people are acting like Joss Whedon is endorsing rape or something. It's like the complainers never even think about how the comment is coming from a character known for his dubious womanizing. Much less do they even stop and think about how virtually none of these women alive today, or their mothers, or their grandmothers' grandmothers' grandmothers ever suffered under prima nocta rules. Yet here they are looking to identify with whichever historical/hypothetical victims their devilish liberal minds ever learn about.

But HAHAHA to Joss Whedon, though. He's a great talent but has made so many unfair statements about others in the past that it SERVES HIM RIGHT to suffer these attacks now.

"saying specific names like this guy only lessens the impact of broad-range statements."

True...but I could add more names;)

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