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Saturday, May 02, 2015 

Marz defends Miller? Or does he?

With the news Frank Miller is going to write up a third Dark Knight installment, it looks like Marz might be defending a guy who got shunned for doing something not all that different from what Will Eisner did in his last year, but I could be mistaken. Here's the tweets in point:

You could say that easily enough about Marz after he attacked Orson Scott Card for cheapie reasons. He didn't want anything to do with Card despite his past credentials as a Democrat, and doesn't want him in the comics medium, yet curiously seems to defend Miller, even though Frank's done stuff that could madden Marz's ultra-leftist sensibilities. Let's go on:

Odd. You'd think after Miller penned Holy Terror and wrote in the book intro that it's dedicated to the memory of Theo Van Gogh, Marz might reject Miller in almost the same way he rejects Card. But how about that, he's defending him, at least in a manner of speaking. Indeed, it's not really all that clear if Marz is on Miller's side, even though I don't remember if Marz ever condemned Miller for slamming the Occupy movement 4 years ago. I suppose at best, Marz is...ambivalent about Miller? Maybe this would be a great way for Marz to admit Miller was a better storyteller in some ways, if not all, than Marz will ever be.

Since we're on the subject of Miller, let's see what the IO9 writer said:
This... this cannot possibly go well. Even if you ignore the fact that Miller wrote All-Star Batman, in which Batman had sex with Black Canary on a filthy pier, called Robin “retarded” and had Wonder Woman refer to men as “sperm banks” — or his Holy Terror comic, in which a faux-Batman beat and tortured countless Muslim extremists, The Dark Knight Strikes Again was... really, really not good.
If he doesn't think the Dark Knight sequel was much good, fine. But the way he references Holy Terror, it's not hard to tell the clown who wrote this piece doesn't resent it based on storytelling quality, but rather, on the notion it would attack Islamofascism at all. In that case, he's not going about this well himself. Criticizing the Dark Knight miniseries based on the writing quality is one thing, but lambasting Holy Terror over its premise is another. 4 years since it went to press, and some leftists still haven't forgiven Miller for taking up a position they despise.

While we're at it, here's a few more items Marz tweeted:

No he's not "blocked" from viewing Crowley's page. If he logs out, he can view it. He's just blocked from speaking to her, is all. And assuming he's not pulling our legs, what if it turns out she blocked him because he insulted her for being a right-winger or something?

But what are the odds Marz isn't critical of Bush's middle eastern policies like granting legitimacy to the PLO and the ties he led with the Saudi autocracy? In other words, what if Marz isn't critical of Bush Jr. for valid reasons? Then there won't be much point in his dismissing Bush's positions, which I don't take at face value.

We never learn how liberal lenience leads to these kind of disasters.

What about the rioters themselves? Don't they have responsibilities of their own? It figures Marz could overlook them. No word on whether that came up in conversation.

Yes Marz, take that junk at face value, please. And here I thought this Gjoni guy said he was mad and wanted to split because he felt Quinn wasn't faithful and manipulated him. According to this guy, Quinn lied in testimony and even tried to get him "swatted". That's whom Marz thinks is worth siding with?

All that aside, as I've said before, and will say again, I'm not sure why charlatans like Marz have a beef with a campaign movement whose politics are pretty much the same as his, as I discovered over the past couple months. That's why it comes as near amusing to see him turning against fellow leftists, and acting like nobody's grateful to fine ladies like Dona Bailey and Carol Shaw (when I was a child, I played with Activision's River Raid, which she was a top designer for). You have two sides, Marz and the GamerGaters. Both support LGBT issues, for example. Despite this, the former despises the latter. So now suddenly, even support for LGBT propaganda isn't enough to satisfy Marz. No wonder his beef with Orson Card feels kinda...phony.

And his failure to call out creators who make fools of themselves in the comics medium isn't coincidental, is it? There he goes with more anti-self-defense balderdash yet again. The man lacks a compass, and has no idea where he's going.

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The NRA is a grass roots organization. It is supported by membership dues and voluntary donations from middle class citizens, not by subsidies from the gun manufacturing industry. The anti-gun organizations are astroturf groups supported by a few billionaires.

No one knows enough about the Freddie Gray case to form an intelligent opinion about it. For all I know, the cops are as guilty as sin. Or as innocent as newborn babies. A rush to judgment is always wrong. The mayor of Baltimore promised "justice for Freddie Gray." She should have promised an impartial and unbiased investigation that would reveal the truth, whatever that might be.

Suspects in police custody often thrash around wildly. Sometimes it's because they are berserk or hysterical. Or, sometimes, they intentionally injure themselves, so they can claim that they were brutalized by the cops. Then they sue the city. Obviously, it's unlikely that Gray intentionally broke his own neck or spine. But there is some evidence that he suffered from chronic lead exposure as a child. That may have caused both brain damage and a weakened bone structure.

Frank Miller was regarded as a genius in the early-to-mid-1980's, during his run on Daredevil, and when he created The Dark Knight Returns. Both of those leaned left. Since he has moved right, he has become a pariah, and his work is condemned before it is even published.

BTW, it was Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams who returned Batman to his "dark knight" image in the late 1960's, when the camp comedy fad was passing. But it was Miller's work on Daredevil and Dark Knight Returns that started the trend toward the "grimdark" style in comics. That style was widely imitated, and continues to dominate the medium today.

Another Frank Miller book? Joy of joys... It seems like every year he gets worse and worse in both writing and artwork styles (though admittedly I found his Daredevil and DKR stuff a bit bland and yuk worthy, you know, back when he actually had some humanity in his characters and wasn't as misogynistic in his writing as he is now?) Nowadays its all sociopaths and prostitutes acting like heroes to him!

As for Orson Scott Card, you do know that his ideals in fiction are akin to communitarianism (and apparently isn't very hot on capitalism)?

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