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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 

Greg Smallwood protests companies pandering to modern day Werthams

An artist named Greg Smallwood, who may be new to the industry, just wrote about why he's galled at comic publishers pandering to advocates of censorship:

Where he's correct is how the mainstream publishers for starters have been recently going out of their way to do the bidding of SJWs who despise beauteous illustrations of the female and male body, for example. But censorship doesn't stop there. We have mainstream editors and publishers now censoring any and all criticism of the Islamic religion. Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso are but two names who've made it pretty clear they're throughly against any such criticism now, selectively or otherwise. There's also the censoring of conservative viewpoints, and it's led to the pushout of some right-wing writers like Mike Baron, who hasn't written anything for Marvel since the mid-90s, and Chuck Dixon. Right-leaning artists may have more luck getting gigs because, while there's plenty of artists who're writers as much as pencilers (George Perez did write Wonder Woman years before), they still aren't the main helmers in charge and thus don't have the full say a writer could.

Predictably, some SJWs came out of the woodwork and started acting nasty or just plain disrespectful of an otherwise reasonable argument. One was a writer for the Comicosity site, who said:

Wow, denial of the existence of censorship, I presume? I guess that means he's in favor of Fredric Wertham's standings after all. Standings Wertham abandoned by 1973, even though by that time, he did cause some damage. Smallwood replied with:

Most certainly not. But then, we've long seen this past year how the purported comics press has grown hostile to whichever artists and writers they decided were expendable, all because they decided that these SJWs were the crowd to side with. Guess what happened a short time after that guy rudely dismissed Smallwood as a "whiner"?

I wouldn't be too disappointed. If Comicosity's going to be that hostile to a creator for speaking out against the new Wertham-climate, then they can't possibly love the art form. It's not often I find review sites shunning creators, of all people. I'd heard of Comicosity in the past, but forgot about it for quite a while until now. So, what's the site we've never heard of?

Nice to see another artist/writer protest the new censorship and moral panic movement. There aren't enough who have, and we could sure use a few more who do. I figure the Gamergate campaign must've been what prompted some in comicdom to sit up and take notice how the same problems the video game medium is experiencing are taking their toll on comics too. And the worst part is that, because it's so small compared to the computer game medium, and so overlooked, that's why the publishers think they can get away with it all.

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Smallwood is right, of course. "I've never heard of you" is not an argument.

And I'd never heard of Comicosity before this blog post.

Who the hell is Matt SantoriGriffith? One of those mumbo-jumbo intellectuals who sit around sidewalk cafes and critique whatever comes there way?

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