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Tuesday, October 13, 2015 

Zircher's right about this: nobody should apologize for their skin color

Here's one more sensible thing Patrick Zircher's said recently, following up on a tweet by Brett Booth alluding to the modern leftist mentality of making whites out to be bad:

That does sound different from the time he sided with or whitewashed the Ferguson riots. It could also be considered a response to all the politicized diversity stunts Marvel's been pulling, and even DC's accountable for. The replacement of Steve Rogers with Sam Wilson wasn't necessary, and neither in fact was replacing Thor with Jane Foster. Even DC's diversity-based replacements for Atom, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm weren't necessary, and it's long been clear they didn't work out either. What matters is the script's own merits, and they should know how to create and market characters of difference racial backgrounds as their own agencies.

Plus, white liberal guilt, which is turning up in mainstream comics lately, is something that's got to stop. Who knows, maybe this too is an example of Zircher and Booth waking up to what's wrong with such mentalities.

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As I've mentioned before on past posts, modern writers are consumed with white guilt, to the point that writing a compelling story is secondary to injecting a social justice angle. If Zircher's worldview stays on this path, good for him. He'll prove that, unlike the majority of his peers, he does indeed possess the mental capacity for critical thinking. As an American of Hispanic descent, nothing is more eye-roll inducing than reading so many of these writers go out of their way to bend over and grab their ankles to prove that not only are they not racist, but to also apologize for actions they had nothing to do with.

Great blog, a gem in the sea of liberal mud. Of course this white guilt propagated by the left has reached a boiling point, but most whites regardless of where they fall politically are equally to blame, sitting by like whipped dogs and take the abuse without question instead of saying "no more". What is more racist than these liberals painting one race as the "bad guys" of world history? One can only hope that 'politicized diversity stunt' that consumes the Marvel elite will fall flat on its face in due time, with shrinking sales, and be looked back after it is all said and done as nothing more than a shallow political gimmick.

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