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Saturday, November 28, 2015 

Slott's still got pretty thin skin

Following the awful news of a gunman in Colorado who barricaded himself in a building where a Planned Parenthood facility was located, Dan Slott's let know that he simply can't get over my ridicule of him for writing Silver Surfer, despite how Norrin Radd fires energy beams from his hands. Here's a couple of items Slott wrote:

Well I'm sorry, Slotty, but you are a hypocrite. And the day you're given the assignment to write comics based on Tomb Raider and accept it without reservations, I'll certainly say you're being hypocritical with that. Similarly, if you're given the assignment to write Wolverine, there too. In fact, if I find out you played with video games like Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Mechanized Attack, Lethal Enforcers, Gunblade NY, LA Machine Guns and Terraburst, and still hold them in high regard...yes, I can only conclude that you speak out of 97 sides of your mouth. And say, what's this here? He tells of something he wrote when he was younger:

Well then, son, if you stand by what you wrote in your youth, you know what I'd have to conclude, right?

Umm, Frank Castle is a fictional character, son, so quit acting like he's real. But I can agree with the wish that criminals not get hold of bullets. And the best way to do that would be to improve the education system.

All that aside, I"m not sure what this has to do with the current news, on which note, I suggest you pay careful attention to this Colorado Springs Gazette article:
1:34: The shooting situation remains active and the shooter is not contained. Colorado Springs police says there is no connection to Planned Parenthood and shooting victims are getting treatment.
So don't try exploiting this terrible incident for your far-left agendas, kiddo. He continues to harken back to the time I first brought up his Surfer assignment:

He's never gotten over how I called him out on his hypocrisy. I'm sad Slott continues to cling to a vision I'm sure he knows isn't workable. He then responds to writer Brian Reed, who cynically stated that any writer creating a villain must agree with the crook's politics:

Since they bring it up, I can't recall just now if Slott created any villains when writing Spider-Man, but he certainly did exploit Dr. Octopus as a projector for his peculiar visions, which included insulting Mary Jane Watson fans. Which he won't admit.

Wow, suddenly Slott indirectly admits it's not guns that kill people, but people who do. But only so he can snark and act vindictive when dissenters call him out. If he really realizes that it's people and their thinking/education that lead to disaster, why does he keep on with gun control positions?

Oh, and only Norrin Radd got the Power Cosmic from Galactus decades before. It wasn't the planet's populace in its entirety.

If residents of Zenn-La are responsible for killing instead of the Power Cosmic itself, then people in real life are responsible for killing other people, so why bounce back to the gun control argument he clearly favors?

But it's pointless for Slott to do so if he favors the kind of entertainment products I referenced above. Again, he's only made himself look incompetent and inconsistent.

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If you think Slott's comment about Power Cosmic not killing people was an admission and not him being sarcastic, you're a moron.

And if you've written this article on Saturday and still believe that Robert Lewis Dear didn't target the Planned Parenthood Clinic because of one vague comment from the police department, you're a delusional moron.

Hi Avi,

I haven't read Dark Knight III yet, but to all available evidence it continues to further embroil Batman into the anti-cop side of the Ferguson debate, which is odd for Frank Miller who I thought was a conservative. But now he's saying he supports Hillary or some such nonsense. But he also seems to be in bad physical shape, so who knows how much input he has on the story anyway since the cowriter is the one who wrote the Batman comic investigating Michael Brown. Anyway, I think you should look into this.

Thanks, I'll try to research the 3rd Dark Knight miniseries as soon as I can.

If Frank Miller's Dark Knight III is anything like the first two he wrote, I'm not touching it with a ten-foot pole. People may rant and rave that the first one was "awe-inspiring" and "redefining", but I call it garbage from a garbage-infested mind, it wasn't that good to me.

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