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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 

Obsidian's history has been distorted

When Arcamax's recent article about the Legends TV show brings up Obsidian, they give a very fuzzy description of Infinity Inc. member Todd Rice, the son of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, who was created by Roy Thomas:
Obsidian: Todd Rice was introduced in 1983, the biological son of Alan "Green Lantern" Scott and supervillain Rose "Thorn" Canton. He somehow inherited the power to merge with his own shadow, control darkness and perform other shadow-related feats. Rice is openly gay, and has a super-powered sister, Jennie-Lynn "Jade" Hayden, who doesn't seem to have made the TV cut. A modern character, he'll be transplanted to WWII on TV, and is played by Dan Payne.
This obscures the exact history of how that came to be very badly. When Obsidian first debuted in the mid-80s, he wasn't characterized as gay, and did get involved with some girls. For about the first decade of his existence, he was far from undergoing a homosexual characterization. It was in 1994 that the tampering first began, with a story implying Todd was homosexual in the Justice League titles at the time. And the most devastating part of this? I think a conservative-leaning writer, Dan Jurgens, was the one responsible for sowing the seeds that led to this hijacking of Roy Thomas' creation after 2000! There may have been more exploitation of Todd Rice before that, but it was by the mid-2000s that the appropriation of somebody else's creation really came about. Possibly more disturbing was the dreadful story David Goyer and Geoff Johns wrote in JSA where Todd was brainwashed by a villain from All-Star Squadron named Ian Karkull into murdering his stepdad. And all this is conveniently obscured by the press.

Obsidian may be one of the most mistreated 3rd-tier characters in recent DC history, and the most dismaying part is that the article's writer has no interest in complaining about that.

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Interested in what you have to say about this #StandWithChelseaCain stuff.

Ok I must disagree, I liked that storyline written in the early 2000s in the JSA. I was getting into comics and I liked it. Years later I read it and I felt it still held up. Plus a villain mind controlling a hero to do bad things was done before not only that but as far as I remember in the storyline I don't think he actually killed anyone or did any irreversible property damage. I mean I may be not remembering any details but implying it was a terrible storyline without much context as to exactly why is kind of lame. Not only that but I noticed you really never give examples of good storylines so it makes it hard to get a good idea of what your standard is.

Oh wait yeah I missed the part about his step dad yeah I remember that but at the same. Yeah there could of been some follow up on that.

...why do you care so much about whether gay people are meant to exist or not? You live in a place where they aren't allowed for crying out loud! The only things you should be concerned about are sandstorms and bombs.

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