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Tuesday, March 21, 2017 

Is it really a "RessureXion"?

Screen Rant claims Marvel's setting things right again with the X-Men franchise. But I wouldn't be so sure of that. It says here:
...the “ResurrXion” promo tracks the new groupings and solo books across the soft reboot. The House of Ideas will be bringing the X-gene enabled back in near-record numbers, with ten different comics – including five new team books (X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, Generation X, Weapon X, and Astonishing X-Men) as well as five new or returning solo series (Iceman, Jean Grey, Cable, Old Man Logan, All-New Wolverine) – all kicking off this April.

ResurrXion picks up after the X-Men’s short but brutal war with the Inhumans. For the first time in nearly a year, mutants everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Terrigen mists responsible for the M-Pox have been neutralized. However, the various X-teams will have to pick up the rubble and deal with the repercussions of their actions, including the fallout from their (understandable) preemptive strike on the Inhumans, Cyclops' branding as a war criminal, and Emma Frost’s insane vendetta against the Inhumans (and subsequent escape). The next round of X-books brings new adversaries and situations, in addition to classic threats like the Hellfire Club, Magneto’s shifting allegiances, and the ever-present global anti-mutant sentiments.
Yeah, that last part sure sounds old, but it's probably not the worst of the lot. If Cyclops is still established as Xavier's killer as well as a war criminal, then they haven't solved anything. Nor are they helping if they've turned Frost back into the crook she initially was when she ran a rival school in New Mutants during the 1980s.

Oh, and what about Iceman? How do we know he won't still be a time-displaced doppelganger? They recently posted the following item, about a new miniseries with Bobby Drake, said to be the first in this "resurreXion".
[...] Iceman was also revealed as gay, when Jean Grey accidentally outed a younger version of himself in All-New X-Men #40 (2012) – after which the older Mr. Drake was forced to admit his sexual orientation as well. Since then, he’s become popular with the LGBT+ community, as well as remaining a popular if sometimes sideline character in the Marvel Universe, at least until now.
Oh, has he, really? Gee, I don't think sales reflect that particularly well either. Anyway, look how they parrot that laughable illogic of "revealed". Why they can't just say "retconned" or "established" I have no idea. All I know is that they're only compounding insult to injury and making everyone less certain this'll reverse the falsehood Marvel's perpetrating. And indeed, if this is merely a "soft" reboot, that could suggest they have no intention of letting go of the whole retcon so easily. And of course, there's Joe Quesada/Axel Alonso's continued presence at Marvel to consider. Again, they alone are a prominent reason many Marvel fans want to stay away from their output, even if they cut out all the political avalanche they've been shoving down everyone's throats over the past few years.

In fact, politics or no politics, there's still that whole matter involving the company wide crossovers to consider. If they keep on with that, then there's no stand-alone storytelling to find. The embarrassment they led to via Secret Wars has got to be put to bed. And the signs are pretty strong that they have no intention of doing that. Again, that's why there's no point in being tempted to buy what they have in store.

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The Iceman stuff is straight up sickening and character assassination. On the other side, DC has been better but you've got the crap with the new Ray and Aqualad II. I'd like to get your thoughts on the latter. This black Aqualad is of course based on the one created for Young Justice who is a great character and female love interests. He was also biracial (Black Manta is his father and he has a white Atlantean mother who raised him with her husband in Atlantis). This new one however is being raised in San Francisco by his single black mother and he is gay. Completely unnecesarry and a crappy thing to put in a book geared towards kids (Teen Titans) and his history with Aquaman, familiarity with Atlantis, and stoic personality are non-existant.

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