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Wednesday, April 05, 2017 

DC's SJW errors can't be overlooked

Bleeding Cool's telling that they're supposedly worried about DC making some the same mistakes Marvel's been until recently. But they sure seem to be letting DC off the hook for any of the SJW propaganda they've been turning out. What they are willing to bring up is the company wide crossovers:
With the news that Marvel are pulling back on linewide crossovers and events after Secret Empire, I understand that Dan DiDio and co think they are bulletproof and are going to push the event stuff like crazy again.

Have they realised why Rebirth worked for the company? The word from DC Comics editors and creatives is that they are terrified they’re going to kill the golden goose right after they got momentum back.

Rebirth placated comic retailers – and they’re the ones who hand-sell books to customers – just as Marvel was trying to last week.. They are what is great about comic retail but also are the bottleneck, as Marvel have struggled with. Trying to please hundreds of unique stores with unique problems with hundreds of products every month, it’s hard.
I don't think I've heard that Marvel's willing to cut out the crossovers for at least another few years. What I do know is they're supposedly willing to stop forcing the ultra-leftist politics down everyone's throats so badly, to the point where even store managers were outraged. Indeed, how do we know they won't try again when they think everybody's suddenly naive enough to excuse crossovers?

And the part about Rebirth working for the company (which isn't saying much if no titles sold in the millions) in specialty stores sounds bizarre. I thought it was the audience it's meant to work for, and even if they supposedly used it to reverse the status quo they were going by since Identity Crisis in 2004, they've still sent signals they're not exactly backing off of politics, or even stealth SJW tactics. As I'd discovered recently, they seem more intent on spotlighting the Asian Atom than Ray Palmer. If it turns out that won't be the case, then I'll be willing to retract that concern, but if they really do intend to keep shoving characters of different racial/sexually oriented background on the audience at the full expense of the white protagonists, then they're only adding insult to injury and making the same mistakes Marvel's been, and maybe even worse. Much like Marvel's PC-diversity creations, DC's too are otherwise just there for their racial/sexually oriented backgrounds, and that's pretty much all you could see in them. The Earth 2 series also built on SJW mentality, and James Robinson's defenses for turning Alan Scott gay were ludicrous.
What DC did right was put solid talent on books and give them room to build a story on each title on their own instead of immediately pushing events and gimmick variants. Normal sales attrition happening now so execs can’t help but start pushing for events and start the hamster wheel again. Dark Days and Metal is just the beginning.
Hmm, I'm not sure how writers like the one touting the new Aqualad as gay qualify as "solid". Nor does Geoff Johns, for that matter. And while variant covers makes is a valid concern, so too are gimmicks like the aforementioned. What's so talented about that?

The most annoying thing about DC is that some of their diversity gimmicks are being stealthed under the table, not seeing as much press as Marvel's may be. If we overlook the PC errors DC is making, we can't expect to protest Marvel's effectively, something Bleeding Cool, as a mainstream news site, isn't doing themselves.

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