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Monday, October 02, 2017 

A ComicMix contributor incites against Diversity&Comics

Here's a writer for Comic Mix, long a liberal drainpipe, who talks out of both sides of his mouth about the case of Aubrey Sitterson, whom some ultra-leftists are already going out of their way to defend, and video commentator Richard Meyer. On the one hand, he admits Sitterson made a serious error:
While I agree with Aubrey’s politics in terms of pushing for wider diversity in comics, in comments regarding 9/11 were very inappropriate. They were not comments made to friends in private, or even on a private Facebook page; they were public statements made on his public Twitter account. I have every right to be offended by what he said as do many other people.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. I’ve been disappointed to see some reporting on the left side of comics politics that make it out as if Aubrey Sitterson’s comments didn’t mean what he said they mean, and that by being upset with his words that we are somehow allowing those on the right side of comics politics to score some sort of victory. While I don’t feel that he needs to be fired or anything like that, we don’t have to act like what he said was great and unworthy of criticism either. No one wants to hear your hot edgy take about 9/11 on 9/11. No one.
But then he says:
That being said, if the reason you’re calling for the firing of Aubrey Sitterson is because of Diversity and Comics, then we need to talk about that.

Diversity and Comics is the equivalent of a right-wing pundit for the comics industry; think Alex Jones’ Info Wars. He came to the scene earlier this year and his following has been growing massively on Twitter and YouTube. I hadn’t been paying too much attention to what he was doing, but over time he began to make very personal attacks towards writers I admire like Kwanza Osajyefo as well as personal friends and Mine! contributors Sina Grace, Gabby Rivera, and Mags Visaggio. He has stated that he wants a Comics Culture War. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.
Did he really? Where's the exact proof? Meyer's beef is with the rabid leftism extolled by men like the clown who wrote this very piece, yet he acts like somebody who's right-wing (and an army veteran) is only dealing in tabloid tommyrot. He doesn't clearly address the terrible directions Marvel and DC went in for goodness knows how long, and worse, he obscures some offensive Twitter tripe written by Visaggio (via Kotaku in Action), about using baseball bats on cis-genders. That's not somebody I would consider worthy of admiration, and doesn't bode well for a complaint against Meyer either. More on the Vissagio embarrassment in this video. That he agrees with Sitterson's politics in themselves doesn't prop up his argument well either, because that's exactly what brought down many good comics. The columnist also botches his argument further when he attacks Meyer's followers, and says:
This is a sizeable group of people that exist. They want comics for them; them being cishet white guys and some outliers. In their effort to do so despite having the majority of mainstream comics already catering to them, they have made many creators at best feel unwelcome and at worst feel unsafe. It’s not a sustainable way to operate in a fandom the size of comics.
Distorting the whole picture, as expected. They have nothing against LGBT geared comics, they just don't want it coming at the expense of established characters and franchises, as has happened with Iceman, Thor and the Hulk. This pathetic claim is one of the most cliched at its worst, and obscures the real picture, how today's writers/artists don't want anybody who even remotely disagrees with their leftism. And, he compounds it with:
Some of the people involved will never change the way they feel or operate, and that’s how it is. Some of them got caught up in the rhetoric and maybe don’t truly believe the horribly sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic words used to promote the ideals of Diversity and Comics, but rather found his answers about the industry to be plausible on the surface. Those people may come back around one day as they see he does not have the real answers to the woes of the comics industry, but rather an agenda to craft a comics fan base in his own image.
Yep, tell us all about sexism, for example, when you likely did nothing to complain about DC and Marvel's really big sexist stunts of 2004, Identity Crisis and Avengers: Disassembled. It didn't stop there, and it'd be ill-advised to think it did now. And, he noticeably excuses the worst advocate of sexism and homophobia of all, the Islamic religion. Why must we take this sad little case at face value?

Since we're on the topic, it's worth noting that Ron Marz also lashed out at Meyer with the following:

My my, look who's inciting without meaty proof, I see. Some people responded to Marz that they were reporting his tweet for just attacking another guy because he dared to become an entertainment critic. Well, he asked for it then. And he's not the only one. Even a former Image employee named Jennifer de Guzman made unfounded attacks against Meyer:

Wow. This is how she views the entire GI Joe fanbase? Shameful. There's plenty of GI Joe fans who, regardless of their politics, were devastated by the terrible tragedy of 9-11, yet she's swept it all under the rug. Whatever proof she's trying to offer up is flimsy, and it's not hard to figure her attack on Meyer is not altruistic. Sitterson, to people like her, is apparently a pagan deity who must be defended no matter how badly it doomed the Real American Heroes as a franchise. There's one phony of a writer/editor whose work I can do without.

The really sad part is how IDW caved to leftist screwballs like these, possibly because they misread Marvel's approach, and apparently became narrower in their choices of whom to hire for writing famous franchises to boot. And they made the grave error of hiring these millenials who consider LGBT ideology the best kind of paganism, and make the hippies of the Vietnam era look tame by comparison. Unless they move away from their current approach, they may have spelled their failure as a publisher in the near future.

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When culture warriors try to get someone fired for political comments made outside the comic book stories he writes, that is a witch hunt, the kind that just stifles honest discussion. The stories matter; what someone says on his own time is another story entirely.

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