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Sunday, January 28, 2018 

Arkansas Times-Record sugarcoats the superhero shows

Another of the Fort Smith Times-Record's dopey columns about comics and adaptations, and another example of sugarcoating all the serious mistakes while dumbing down history, as the following lines about the Legion of Super-Heroes demonstrate:
The Maid of Steel’s mid-season return Jan. 15 was called “Legion of Superheroes,” which sounds like a silly trifle made up for children.

Which is exactly what it was in 1958, when Cosmic Boy, Lightning Boy (later called Lightning Lad) and Saturn Girl traveled to Superboy’s time from the 30th century to recruit the Teen of Steel, who was able to travel through time to hang out with other super-teens. It was boss, Daddio!
If it was, why claim it was just some silly old trifle? An adventure for children? Sure. But that doesn't make it merely some childish tripe, unlike these stupid news columns. It continues with the following about the Flash:
Flash Fact: The mid-season opener used the title “Trial of the Flash,” which was also the name of an infamous storyline from mid-1980s “Flash” comics. That version put the Scarlet Speedster on trial for second-degree murder, lasted more than two years — and was perhaps the most boring storyline in the history of comic books.

And that despite not being terribly faithful to the boringness of real trials. A lawyer name Bob Ingersoll practically made a career at “Comics Buyer’s Guide” pointing out the legal errors “Trial of the Flash” committed. You’d think with all the detours from jurisprudence, they could at least have made it interesting.
Gee, I'm sure there were tons of farfetched moments in Daredevil's career as a lawyer, so cut the crap. Why, I don't think the trial even officially began until late 1984, towards the end of the book, and it's not like there weren't action-related stories coming before that. In any case, I'm not falling for this stupidity of telling us the original stories leading up to the closure of the 1st Flash volume were literally boring. Certainly not when the DC adaptations on TV have been succumbing to even worse - rabid leftist politics.
Thankfully, the TV show avoided most of those problems. On the tube, Barry Allen — not his alter ego — was on trial, in this case for first-degree murder. And it was over in one episode. Now Barry’s in jail for a crime he didn’t commit — just like his father. He even has Dad’s old jail cell! Oh, those Allen boys.
And oh, those ultra-leftists and their apologists and sugarcoaters. A short while ago, the series failed to avoid the problems with politics as seen in "Crisis on Earth-X", the crossover between 4 different series. And what follows about the new Black Lightning adaptation is no better:
“Black Lighting” doesn’t dance around what it’s like to be black in America. Any interaction with the police has obvious potential to lethally escalate. The best of kids still can’t avoid drugs, guns and gangs at school — which establishes more situations that can lethally escalate.
From what I've heard, this series has traces of Black Lives Matter propaganda, and if that's the case, it suggests the TV adaptations of DC are even more piled on with propaganda at this moment than some of the comics proper. Whatever happened to the good ol' days of the Mod Squad, where the producers sought to provide law enforcement with better images among the younger generations?
What’s our Fun Fact? Here you go: Pierce’s aide-de-camp, tailor Paul Gambi, has a long history in DC Comics, dating back to 1963. Originally he owned a small shop in Central City, where he secretly made uniforms for all of Flash’s supervillains. Later he was partially rehabilitated, making uniforms for Justice League Europe.
A series that's been tainted by the spectre of Gerard Jones and his porn-related felonies. His trial will be coming around March. But for now, what the news column fails to specify is that Peter Gambi, the brother of the semi-crooked tailor, was the guest featured in the 1977 premiere for Black Lightning, and helped him establish his new crimefighting career. Facts ain't so fun when you fudge 'em.

And just look what comes up next about the Riverdale series:
Archie beats the snot out of Nick St. Clair, while the latter is in bed with two broken legs. And Archie is the good guy!

Penelope Blossom is now an escort. Are there really that many men in Riverdale who A) have enough money for an escort, and B) can get away with it in a small town? Maybe she caters to Greendale clientele.
In other words, she's a prostitute? Sounds pretty sleazy alright. But what's really disturbing is if Archie assaults a patient with broken bones. Some way to make the hero likable, I'll say.
With Southside High closed, Jughead and the only Serpents whose names we know are now at Riverdale High. Instead of ditching the goofy jackets, though, Jughead is trying to maintain the gang, because, you know, drug-running, illegal gun sales and street-fights are such beloved traditions.
And if Jughead's been turned into worse than that - namely, a drughead, then shame on the propagandists who coughed out this smut for downplaying the sleazy taint this series has. Oh, and on Arrow, they say:
Since James has already framed Felicity, blackmailed Rene into informing on Ollie, gotten an anti-vigilante ordinance passed, taken over the docks and has inside information on all of our heroes (thanks to a bug in the Bunker), Team Arrow is in so much hot water it will take the rest of the season to drain it.
It'll take even more to drain the stench of leftism these series have practically all been affected by in some way or other. So much space in paper and kilobytes wasted on such garbage columns that keep fluffing up the picture for the sake of marketing at all costs, with no distinctions between good or bad.

Update: corrected the location of the paper from Arizona to Arkansas.

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