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Thursday, July 05, 2018 

The Eternals fall victim to publicity stunt deaths

This Screen Rant article also notes Marvel's doing a universe rewrite, which they've actually done since the turn of the century:
Avengers #4 sees the team trying to stop the Final Host before they destroy the Earth. But as the heroes soon learn, things aren't what they seem. The insects they've been fighting are the Horde, a group of super-germs capable of destroying the Celestials. The cure, it turns out, is the Earth's population of superheroes that have been cultivated over time to help battle the Horde. But when the Eternals learn this, they pay the price.

It's not clear exactly what happened to the Eternals, as it's implied they killed themselves when they learned the truth. This doesn't make much sense, unless it was due to some level of guilt. Ultimately, the continuing story should reveal more as the mythology of the Marvel Universe is clearly being rewritten here. There's even a hint that the dead Celestial who's been inside the Earth all this time may be connecting to the onset of superpowers on Earth. The whole story is a complex one that clearly has some more twists, which is unsurprising as Jason Aaron is behind it. He's spent years fleshing out the backstory of Asgard, and now Earth is getting a similar treatment.

What is shocking is that the Eternals, who have barely been a blip in the comics recently, are brought back only to be killed. Their connection to the Celestials and their mutant cousins the Deviants seems the perfect time to work them into the story. After all, Thanos is a Deviant and the Eternals are primed to be a big MCU franchise in Phase 4. Because of that, it's likely Marvel has something else up their sleeve.
Actually, it's not that shocking at all, since Marvel and DC have been pulling this scummy stunt for years on end, and long taken the meaning out of death (and even life) by killing them off not so people will care enough to ask their fate be reversed, but because they dislike the creations in their stables, no matter how much they may claim it's not the case. Sure, they could resurrect the Eternals shortly after, but the way these stunts are being pulled lately with such frequency only compounds the notion they're trying to irritate and troll the audience.

And DC's just pulled a similar stunt lately with a title called The Unexpected:
The newest hero team from DC Comics is living up to its name, with half of the heroes making up The Unexpected apparently dead... by the second issue.

The group was launched as part of DC's New Age of Heroes, spinning out of the cataclysmic events of the Dark Nights: Metal event. On the broad scale, it has meant the walls between the world's of DC's superheroes and the cosmic, otherworldly forces even they never hear about have come down. Bringing villains of dreams and nightmares into the fold. The kind of threats that heroes like The Unexpected were assumed to be responsible for handling.

But as our preview for Issue #2 confirms, the teams first villain encounter has left half their number dead... thanks to their de facto leader. You have to hand it to DC - that definitely is "unexpected."
But still very unimpressive. Death's been rendered a meaningless, superfluous gimmick in the Big Two, and this is no different. That doesn't mean I want deaths to remain in place, of course. What offends me is that the deaths were done in the first place, and this is what they consider meaningful, not whether there's a guy and girl romancing and getting married, or a football player winning the super bowl, or some heroes visiting and having fun at an amusement park or a museum, let alone dating non-superheroes, and I say that because I've noticed at times how economical a lot of team titles can get, with a hero and heroine dating each other, but unless they've got their own solo book, not dating civilians, if at all. If they can't be more creative than that, what good is it to write up team books any more than solo books?

And nobody should let Quesada and DiDio's staff milk away their money for these tiresome tripes.

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The series does not actually kill off the Eternals; it just sets up a mystery about their disappearance. Given that Marvel has a movie about them in the works, it is a sure thing they won't be gone for long. (Such are the dangers of commenting on and condemning a series without reading it first. On the one hand, you don't want to give them money for it; on the other hand, not reading it makes it hard to criticize it intelligently.)

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