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Thursday, August 16, 2018 

Vox Day was interviewed about his Alt-Hero projects

Bounding Into Comics interviewed novelist Vox Day about his comics-based projects and free speech issues, and here's something interesting that came up:
Bounding Into Comics (BIC): The comic book industry at large appears to be in decline. The latest report indicates a 6% decline in sales in 2017. What made you want to dive into comics with Arkhaven Comics and Dark Legion imprints when the comic industry appears to be contracting?

Vox Day (Vox): The decline in the comics industry is the result of two factors, an artificially constricted distribution system and the SJW convergence of the publishers. People simply don’t go to comic book stores like they did in past decades and they REALLY don’t like the conversion of all their traditional heroes and villains into politically correct parodies of themselves. No one wants to read tedious left-wing sermons about Gay Black Hindu Socialist Batman in a Wheelchair crying onto Hispano-Palestinian She-Joker’s shoulder over his doubts that society will accept his planned transition into Batwoman.

Their stories are boring. Their heroes aren’t heroic. Their villains are cardboard cutouts. Their morality tales aren’t moral. Their female characters are increasingly fat and ugly and mannish. It’s no wonder their readers are increasingly abandoning them.
Hmm, the part where he alludes to "palestinians" is interesting, because it suggests he may have wisely modified the troubling approach he was taking in past years, which he'd be strongly advised to do even now, because if he really wants to impress without right-wingers of any sort feeling uneasy, he'll certainly avoid making statements about Israel in bad taste.

If he's making efforts to improve his political outlook, that'll be a positive step on his part, and make his comics projects more enjoyable, and easier to look forward to.

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Vox Day hasn’t changed. He has always favored Israel of the Palestinians, but because he (like man alt-right era) believes Israel is an ethnostate and thinks that Jews belong there instead of screwing up what he refers to as western nations. To him, Israel is not western because to him Jews have no place in western civilization and can never be apart of it even if they try. He has repeatedly deonoumced the phrase “Judeo-Christian” because he believes Judaism has no bearing on western civilization. He has also said that Jews ought to leave Europe and go to Israel, not because of the antisemitism from Muslim migrants, but because he blames Jews as a whole for screwing up Europe and wants them out. He also hates Jordan Peterson mainly because Peterson denounced the “Jewish Question” nonsense and mentioned Ashkenazi Jews having high IQs. He also still contends that all Jews hold duel loyalties to Israel and that Israel drives American’s foreign policy. Called Ben Shapiro a fake American for calling out a secular female rabbi that said Jude-Christian isn’t a thing. Still puts parentheses around the names of Jewish people. Blamed affirmative action on Jews. Also recently said that by saying James Gunn shouldn’t have been fired for inappropriate jokes, Ben Shapiro is showing that he sides with a cabal of Hollywood Jewish pedophiles because of his religion. Vox Day is an anti-semitic asshat and that’s not going to change any time soon. It’s unfortunate that some people are giving him credence for trying to infiltrate an industry (comic books) he clearly doesn’t care about.


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