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Sunday, September 30, 2018 

Heroes in Crisis turns Hotspot into political sacrifice

It appears that DC's already reprehensible "event" has its political side too, with Hotspot/Isaiah Crockett turned into a variation on Trayvon Martin (so we can only wonder who the culprit is who'll serve as a metaphor for George Zimmerman). And CBR wasted no time injecting all the biased leftism possible into their puff piece:
There is the joke that you can’t have a DC “crisis” without a dead Flash, and Heroes In Crisis delivers on this with the death of Wally West and his Titans teammate Arsenal, with their murders delivering a shocking moment that will no doubt light up message boards around the Internet. However, we shouldn’t quickly dismiss the deaths of some of the C-level heroes in Heroes In Crisis, especially when one invokes imagery from a real-world event that changed the landscape of American history and its obsession with guns.

On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman during a physical altercation in Sanford, FL. Much of the coverage of the court case centered on Zimmerman, who was the head of the community’s neighborhood watch, believing Martin was a suspicious person based on his wearing of a dark gray hoodie over his head. In the United States, Black males are racially profiled for wearing hoodies, as the attire has been associated with thieves and “hoodlums,” which racists believe Black people to be.

After Martin’s death and Zimmerman’s acquittal, social media users changed their profiles to show themselves wearing hoodies as a sign of protest and solidarity, with the headgear now universally recognized as an homage to the late Martin. So with that in mind, Heroes In Crisis #1 curiously depicts the young Hot Spot, an African-American former member of the pre-New 52 Teen Titans, as one of the many casualties — while wearing a gray hoodie.

Hot Spot’s body is first shown laying with other dead heroes in a wheat field as Superman surveys the carnage from high in the sky. The group shot is a lot to take in, so the Hot Spot/Trayvon Martin imagery isn’t as apparent. However, that’s followed by a nine-panel grid (one of Tom King’s favorite visual layouts) by Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles that features Hot Spot reciting his “I’m just warming up!” catchphrase, along with his fears of heading into a fight.

Finally, we get the zoomed in close-up of Hot Spot’s hooded face with a single tear flowing down his cheek and right eye wide open. This panel is very chilling when you consider this could very well be how Martin’s body was recovered on that rainy night in Florida — both young Black males gunned down when they had their entire lives ahead of them.
As was to be fully expected, this long atrocious, biased site made this into as much a political issue as King and artist Mann did, and won't even consider that, if it was raining heavily, why shouldn't anybody be wearing a hood over their heads to keep the rain from soaking them? Furthermore, Martin was found to be taking drugs, and he attacked Zimmerman first. Predictably, it means nothing to these pseudo-writers, who even go out of their way to make the wobbly claim blacks are "profiled" for wearing hoodies. Does that also include wearing windbreakers, Stetson hats and baseball caps? Plenty of people of all backgrounds can wear hoodies; they're not limited to just one segment of society.

All that aside, they've even failed to ponder that, in turning this comic into a would-be commentary on racism in America, the crafters of the miniseries may have committed racism by turning a black character into a sacrificial lamb for the sake of their repellent politics. How do they expect to draw in black readers who might've been impressed with characters like Hotspot if they're going to throw them out with bath water for the sake of agendas?

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