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Monday, October 08, 2018 

How some creators reacted after the Kavanaugh confirmation

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was finally greenlighted for his new role as a senior justice in the US supreme court, much to the chagrin of selfish leftists who don't want conservatives to be able to work in prominent jobs. The list of fauxtragers in comicdom includes, most sadly enough, Neal Adams:

If I can figure this out, he's saying the same FBI whose previous director, James Comey, wouldn't do a serious inquiry on Hillary Clinton's own misdeeds (she turned against him later in any event) - the same woman whose husband violated at least a dozen women, including Juanita Broaddrick - has to lose trust only now when it's something involving a Republican nominee? This is very sad.

Now, here's G. Willow Wilson:

Look who's talking. Somebody who embraces a religion with accepting views of sexual abuse. I don't see the point of her drivel comment.

Then, there's Gerry Conway:

In that case, how about if we refer Bill Clinton to trial for what he did to Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and several other women? Alas, I got a hunch Conway will never think to advocate that.

I think what's really head spinning is that people who complain about sexism have no problem turning against a woman because she judged upon personality/character. That's just the problem with the left-wing feminists today. Including by far the worst, Linda Sarsour, the anti-Israelist who viciously attacked Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel. And nobody seems concerned about what leftists were writing to Collins after her decision to support Kavanaugh.

Next comes Erik Larsen and Cully Hamner:

So they're implying the plaintiffs against Franken and/or victims weren't credible? Sigh. As for the latter of the above, I'd suggest he remember one of his early assignments was the Green Lantern spinoff, Mosaic, written by Gerard Jones, a man who's since fallen from grace and is now serving 6 years in prison for storing child porn on his computer, is even accused of committing adultery in Britain, and may have even violated statutory laws.

The next up is J.T. Krul:

Ask Pamela Geller. She's quite relieved that the Democrat defamation campaign against Kavanaugh was unsuccessful, and thinks Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington could have some parallels to Kavanaugh's experiences today. In fact, ask Democrat Adele Scalia, a woman of a minority background (and a native of Trinidad-Tobago) who's felt so disturbed by the Democrats' treatment of Kavanaugh, she's decided to vote Republican this time.

But maybe the most disturbing comment has to come from Peter David:

I can only interpret this as ignorance of Clinton's own defenses of sex offenders like her own husband (and lest we forget she also defended the monster who violated Kathy Shelton, and the Clintons were chummy with Harvey Weinstein). There was once a time when David was an impressive comics writer, but that's all in the past, and he's largely faded from success for several years already. This kind of viewpoint doesn't help matters.

Then, Rags Morales posted the following picture:

Hmm, the same guy who illustrated Identity Crisis, a miniseries making light of the issue of sexual assault, has the chutzpah to comment on this, pictorially or otherwise? Sigh. What a disgrace.

Last is Jordan D. White:

Ah, so now, here's one incompetent who doesn't even want the supreme court around anymore because he considers them too conservative now for his tastes. I suggest he just cease wasting his time paying attention to politics if this is the best he can say. And if he "loves" the USA government, it doesn't take much to figure it's only when they're led by a Democrat.

So there's another example of sad cases in comicdom making everything a whole lot sadder by wasting their time in political issues. And they're unlikely to recognize that their attitudes will only alienate a lot more people from the liberal end of the spectrum.

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"I don't see the point of her drivel comment."

Wilson, a well-educated literary sort, is making a reference to a famous poem by

Yes, well there's overwhelming evidence that feminism is all about gaining power for the left, not the welfare of women. The two most obvious:
1. Feminist silence on Bill Clinton's dick o rama capering.
2. Feminist silence on Sarah Palin being hung in effigy. "She was a Republican, not a woman".

Why don't these people just wait for the controversy to be made (like backroom deals or sex tapes) instead of just blowing hot air everywhere?

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