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Saturday, July 06, 2019 

Scott Lobdell was accused of another instance of sexual harassment 3 years ago

A number of years ago, Lobdell, one of the most mediocre writers to get his hands on X-Men during the 1990s, admitted he'd sexually harassed a lady cartoonist at a convention panel. Now, according to the following Bleeding Cool info, he may have unsurprisingly had at least one more instance of insulting a woman's intellect, although the following suggests their reasons for bringing this up may not be altruistic:
He has also been a target for controversy. A prominent writer in the nineties for superhero comics, a period that has been often denigrated for its narrative excesses, he was also slammed publicly for being creepy at a comic con panel to a woman guest in 2013. Initially unnamed by Comics Beat who first reported the story, he identified himself as the accused and publically apologised. At the time, friend of Lobdell, Heidi MacDonald stated ‘I don’t think what happened on the panel was okay just because a friend of mine did it. I’ve discussed it privately with Scott. I hope, as his apology suggests, he has learned something about appropriate behavior.’
Depending on when the alleged incidents they cite took place, he may not have. But it annoys me they seem to be alluding to stories using sex appeal as a selling point, and not whether the 90s had any poor storytelling that spoiled everything, as it did for any Ben Raab tales, and as Lobdell also did on some of the Marvel books he'd written at the time (Age of Apocalypse was decidedly one of the worst moments in X-Men, as was the Onslaught mishmash). Point: if they're trying to say everyone and anyone who did stories with any kind of sex appeal are all monsters and prove beyond a doubt they infest the industry across the board, I think that's going way too far. What can be said is that any creator who does engage in offensive behavior in real life does cause trouble for those who don't, and even for storytelling.

As for MacDonald, she is such a shill, and recalling she had a lenient view of DC's Identity Crisis, that's why I don't think she's fit to address the subject. Now, here's more:
Last week, Bleeding Cool was sent links to a blog post from 2016 which does not appear to have been reported elsewhere, then or since. Indeed, googling for the URL ... only brings me results from the site that hosts it, and from mirror sites. The post contains testimony from an unnamed female comics creator dubbed ‘Lynn’ for the article talks about a series of events and communications with an unnamed male comics writer dubbed ‘Rich’ occurring around a west coast comic convention in the August of that year where she was exhibiting adjacent to his table. However, details clearly point to Scott Lobdell as being the accused in question. She mentions him dropping off a signed X-Men comic he wrote on her table, as well as writing the Buffy comic book and his poor taste in shirts.
According to the writer at the site itself, the pseudonymous man did the following:
Then he did something texted me a photo that was disturbing. It wasn’t obscene, like a photo of his privates or anything, but it was a photo of me, taken from behind my booth. It took me a moment to realize that Rich had snuck behind me at my table, taken a photo of me without my knowledge, and then texted me that photo. That creeped me out.
If that really was Lobdell who did that, it certainly sounds disgusting. From what I can tell, he doesn't sound physically dangerous, which is fortunate. But he certainly does seem to have a habit of being irritating, and in the post-Weinstein era, that's not bound to do him much good. There were women who defended him, and it's to be assumed he's been trying to mend fences in the years since this may have happened. But I don't think he should be claiming to support women's rights while supporting LGBT ideology at the same time. I'd noticed Weinstein did something similar during his career, and who knows how many others could uphold LGBT politics while maintaining a double-standard women's rights? It just suggests a lot of virtue-signaling to divert attention from the really serious issues.

Lobdell noticeably hasn't been active on social media for about a year or so, presumably cowed into keeping a low profile because of the embarrassment these allegations entail. If he wants to avoid really garnering a bad reputation, he might want to consider ensuring Flash Forward's got the good ending a lot of Flash fans would rather there be. Otherwise, it's a sure bet his reputation will suffer even worse than it is now, and even if the sexual harassment allegations aren't as severe as they could be, they certainly won't make things any better if he sticks with a repellent direction built on trolling comic fans.

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Ye cats, so many allegations popping out of the wood-works lately. Why wait for so long to accuse people?

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