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Saturday, September 28, 2019 

Alex Segura sugarcoats what he's done to Archie products

The co-chairman of Archie was recently interviewed in the Fort Smith Times-Record, about his novels as much as the comics he oversees, and at the end comes something that doesn't say much of anything about the latter:
Meanwhile, Archie comics isn’t exactly standing still. In recent years the publisher has branched out into a variety of genres one wouldn’t expect at the publisher, which has focused on teen humor since the 1940s. In fact ... well, Segura sums it up:

“I’m excited by all the work we’ve done, under the guidance of our Publisher/CEO Jon Goldwater,” he said. “We’ve created a varied, engaging line of content, that ranges from classic, all-ages Archie to more aged-up horror tales. Once upon a time, Archie was only for kids and nostalgic adults, but you’d lose a big chunk of readers when they aged up to superheroes. Those days are done. Now, Archie truly has something for everyone — whether it’s an adaptation of a hit show, like ‘Riverdale;’ dark, horror stories like ‘Jughead the Hunger’ or ‘Vampironica;’ teen romance like ‘Archie;’ or magic-tinged YA adventure, like ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.’ I feel like it’s a really vibrant time for us.”
Yeah, because it's not reflected in sales! No mention of the homosexual propaganda they've pushed most notably through the creation of the Kevin Keller character, or any of the additional leftist politics they've shoved into their stories. If there's nothing for conservatives, then he shouldn't be selling us big fibs.

As for aging up and leaving one item for another, well gee, that's how it went with Sesame Street on PBS to boot. Children would grow older, leave it behind, and the next generation of youngsters would take their place in the audience. If PBS could accept that, why can't comics publishers? People like Segura have only made an unfunny joke out of the medium they're dealing with, unable to decide if they want to cater to children or adults. And if this is any indication, they must realize they made such fools of themselves, they're not even being open about the social justice agenda they shoved into their products anymore.

Eventually, it'll all take its toll on their business, and they'll have to fold in the end. Like so many other leftists, they made the mistake of turning to overt politics in their comics, and drove down sales numbers even more, and it's damaged their business too.

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You haven't read all those church and Bible-themed stories about Archie published in the past have you? Besides, I'm surprised they haven't made such a drastic change in artwork for a long time since they started publishing these comics since their creation.

in a medium that is healthy, there can be material for children AND adults.

The comics medium is so small and niche that people like Avi, whose mindset is not that far removed from those who work in comics, that comics has to choose adults or kids as its primary target.

" I'm surprised they haven't made such a drastic change in artwork for a long time since they started publishing these comics since their creation."
because the art style is part of Archie's charm. that's like saying Garfield would be better if Davis got an artist with a very different art style than himself to draw it.

You may not see it, mrs. anon, but you have a cynical attitude of someone in marketing who thinks any creative product can be successfully repackaged and sold to any audience. I'm surprised you didn't wonder why they didn't change Archie's gender and race since he was created.

Archie didn't create, publish, or distribute the Spire Christian comics of the 70s. They simply licensed the characters to Al Hartly who created them for a Christian book publisher who distributed them through Christian book stores, fabric stores, etc. Archie Comics had nothing to do with them.

What, and you don't think Green is cynical?

Cynical people don't believe in anything. Green is not the one claiming all differences are due to discrimination. Claiming to cherish differences while at the same time striving to eliminate them is cynical.

YOU'RE the guy who's been leaving all those foreign messages?!

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