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Saturday, October 05, 2019 

Entertainment Weekly's fawning report on Bendis' Legion revival

I found this interview Entertainment Weekly did with Brian Bendis about 3 months ago where they maintained their predictable sugarcoating for what he had to say about his stint on Legion of Super-Heroes:
“People are looking for inspiration now,” Bendis tells EW about reviving the Legion. “I got to go on Seth Meyers and talk about the Legion of Super-Heroes, which is a weird sentence to say. There was a moment where I said the book takes place 1000 years in the future, and after 40 minutes of all the news they just heard on the show, people applauded the idea that there is a future. Like, ‘In 1000 years we’re all getting along? Oh, good!’ They clapped at the idea of it. It was so spontaneous that I was like, oh my god people really need hopeful and inspiring stories more than ever before. That’s what Legion is about.”
Straight from somebody who didn't provide much to be inspired by when he was working for Marvel, turning Scarlet Witch into a madwoman who'd later do the "no more mutants" nonsense in House of M for the sake of erasing mutant powers, and regurgitating the painfully overused Phoenix storyline. These hack writers always talk about positive visions, and they're the ones the press is willing to highlight, but in practice, they do anything but provide inspiration and hope.
Bendis says that he’s wanted to write the future team ever since first reading their comics as a kid — “like anyone who’s ever read a Legion of Super-Heroes comic.” In fact, a few years ago when Bendis moved to DC from Marvel (where he co-created now-famous characters like Jessica Jones and Miles Morales throughout the 2000s), he told DC publisher Dan Didio that the Legion were the characters he most wanted to write, after Superman.
No shock they wouldn't say a word about all the bad elements he'd come up with at the time, and not even his cheap reliance on obvious choices like Wolverine and Spider-Man for Avengers cast members. And it doesn't look like they have anything to say about the race-swapping for Lightning Lad either.
Millennium is designed to be the perfect introduction to the new Legion, whether you’re familiar with the franchise or a younger reader interested by the team’s legendary status among comic fans. It focuses on a mysterious character from the DC Universe who discovers they’re not aging. Their immortality allows them to literally walk us through the 1,000 year-gap between modern DC superhero adventures and the Legion’s 31st century. In the process, she’ll encounter a lot of different DC future settings that have been created over the years, from Batman Beyond to Jack Kirby’s Planet of the Apes riff Kamandi.

“I thought of this character in the DC Universe who realizes ‘oh wait i’m not aging,’ because you don’t find that out until you find that out,” Bendis says. “It hearkens back to something I did in Powers years ago with our lead character Christian Walker who never dies; he’s just always been around, up through the modern day. In this instance, we have a character walking from the modern day 1,000 years into the future, living through DC futures she doesn’t know are coming, and just trying to survive. In doing so, when the millennium 1000-year quest is over, this character will have experienced with us Kamandi, OMAC, Booster Gold, Batman Beyond, and some things people haven’t seen before. I was delighted that all these features easily lined up. People like Dan Jurgens have made it clear over the years that these things could line up if you wanted them to. So we actually told a very beautiful story about our universe and the journey of these characters, bouncing back from some dystopian futures like Kamandi to powerfully exciting futures like Booster Gold, and wrestled with all of them. So by the time the character literally walks up to the Legion at the end of Millennium, she has with her an astounding amount of information and inspiration to give them, which is different from past Legion stories.”

The first step, as you can see in the exclusive pages above, is a near future where Supergirl is President. It’s fitting, since this return of the Legion of Super-Heroes marks the latest expansion of the Superman mythos under Bendis’ stewardship. [...]
The non-aging character might be Rose & Thorn, and from the artwork samples they provide, it doesn't look like the art was dumbed down, but it also doesn't sound like Legion under Bendis stands on its own - rather, it relies too much on Superman family characters. And with Bendis at the helm, no chance it'd be a "perfect" introduction.

Anybody who really wants to get the hang of the Legion would be strongly advised to start from where it all began in 1958, with a story in the original Superboy volume whose numbering the Legion took over at the dawn of the 1980s. Overrated writers like Bendis aren't where you should begin with, and it's regrettable the Seth Meyer program would give him a platform.

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And you don't think overrated writers existed before the 1980s?

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