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Saturday, June 27, 2020 

News Lagoon slobbers all about how far LGBT ideology's come in comicdom

The News Lagoon entertainment site published a puff piece about all the achievements LGBT ideology's made in comics, along with TV and movie adaptations, acts as though Alpha Flight's "big reveal" was such a big deal, and worst of all, the article just drones on and on with all the predictable propaganda possible, even as it admits Alpha Flight #106's story was bad:
It was Alpha Flight #106 when Marvel History was made (again). It happened when the mutant Northstar uttered three short words: “I am gay!” It wasn’t a hoax. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t an imaginary tale. John Byrne, the creator of Northstar, had always intended the character to be gay. Northstar first appeared in Uncanny X-Men 120 and then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter had a strict editorial policy of no gays. Homosexual characters were also forbidden by the Comics Code of Approval. So, for many years, it was only hinted at that Northstar was gay. There was even a point when Bill Mantlo was writing the character where Northstar was to have contracted AIDS but that was swiftly removed by (adding insult to injury) retconning Northstar’s and his twin sister Aurora’s origin to make them offspring of faeries! Thankfully, the retcon was quickly re-retconned back out and Northstar and Aurora were once again mutants.

In 1992, Alpha Flight’s writer Scott Lobdell was given the go-ahead to let Northstar out of the closet in the controversial Alpha Flight #106. There was nothing particularly special about the issue…the art was terrible and the villain they came up with for Jean-Paul to battle was named Major Mapleleaf of all things. But the issue made history, hitting the mainstream news media even. But after all the excitement died down, Northstar’s sexuality became just a footnote for several years. Still, it may be said that Northstar’s coming out lead to more LGBT characters to be developed in the years ahead.
Well at least they're not obscuring how poor the story itself was. From what I researched about the issue, the biggest irony would have to be that it did the LGBT agenda more harm than good, given the way Mapleleaf reacted, all because he was jealous his gay son didn't get this kind of attention that the infant girl Northstar rescued did. Worst, Maple Leaf never suffered any consequence for endangering an infant and vandalizing hospital property.

As for more LGBT characters being developed in the years ahead, that's not the issue. No, what is the issue is the normalization of the mentality, and the damage it's led to since. Almost every story emphasizing LGBT topics since has been as lecturing as it's been pandering. Including the following:
However, Northstar was not done being at the forefront of the LGBT comics movement. He was destined to make history once again when he asked his longtime boyfriend Kyle to marry him. Kyle wasn’t a superhero, just a normal ordinary man. The happy event happened in Astonishing X-Men #51 and like Reed and Sue’s wedding decades earlier, was attended by a host of Marvel Superheroes. So Northstar was Marvel’s first gay superhero and had the first gay wedding. Not a bad job, Jean-Paul!

Since Northstar, there have been many characters at Marvel who either have been revealed to be or created as LGBT characters: Moondragon and Phyla-Vell, Rictor and Shatterstar, Wiccan and Hulkling, Victoria Hand, America Chavez, Union Jack, Flatman, The Destroyer, Living Lightning, the pan-sexual Deadpool and many more. Most recently an adult Ice Man came to terms with being gay, aided by his younger self. This stirred up quite a controversy with many fans saying Bobby Drake had always been straight and this was just a move by Marvel to be “politically correct”. Marvel countered back by saying that many people don’t acknowledge their homosexuality until adult years.
Ah, here's where the site really fumbles the ball, and reveals their bias. Iceman led heterosexual relationships with various women over the years, as he was already turning adult, and this propaganda both Marvel under Alonso and Bendis not only perpetuates contradictions of science and psychology (like the claim homosexuality is "genetic"), but also makes it sound as though Bobby shouldn't have been leading relations with women at all. Since then, it's led to an utter embarrassment with the character in failed solo books, yet so far, it doesn't look like they have any intention of abandoning the orientation, no matter how disrespectful it was of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as Bobby's creator. The move was politically correct, no matter how much this stupid site tries to imply otherwise, and it's done a ton of hurt to veteran creations under corporate ownership.

They later continue to uphold the denigration of the Golden Age Green Lantern:
DC remade their original Green Lantern Alan Scott as a gay man. This is one of the responses that came of that: “As if Superman giving up his citizenship isn’t enough, DC comics is engaging in another attack on our children. They are promoting the gay, lesbian, and trans-gender lifestyle by turning the Green Lantern into a homosexual. Homosexuality is an aberration of nature – the behavior goes against the very laws of nature itself. A species will not survive if it doesn’t procreate. Yet our media continues to promote this lifestyle as normal and acceptable. It is tearing down the natural walls which exist that prevent children and young adults from experimenting with homosexuality in order to convert them into the lifestyle.”
Well I'm afraid some of the above response is correct. If anything, James Robinson and company were normalizing the whole ideology, and the expense of hard work done by past writers and artists far more talented than he is. I've long written off Robinson as one of the most overrated writers around, responsible for some of the political correctness that's since come to plague mainstream comics.
There are many comic book fans who ask “Why do we have to have gay characters?” The short answer is “Because they are there”. LGBT people exist. And just like everyone else, they want to see people like themselves represented in the comics and on TV and in the movies. [...]
And, they want everyone to view their as entirely normal. Especially for men. As decreed by the liberals running the asylum, homosexuality for the most part cannot be depicted as a deviation from normality, and a homosexual character cannot be depicted shifting to heterosexuality; they must remain rock solid in the LGBT bracket till the end of time. The columnist says towards the end:
I would like to dedicate this article to Matthew Shepard, a young man who was murdered for being gay nearly 20 years ago on October 12, 1998. May his name never be forgotten and everyone knows that hate is not the way.
Uh oh, here's where they really slip. As reported a number of years ago, Shepard was a drug pusher whose death may have been more connected to a deal gone awry. Yet here we are years later, and much like with Harvey Milk and George Floyd, we have here a case of a crook who's being absolved of his past offenses for the sake of PC narratives, and look where it's all led today.

News Lagoon may have admitted the story in Alpha Flight was very weak, but it seems they believe the platform on which the story was built excuses everything. And they use all that to perpetuate a poor belief system with the goal of degrading western society and culture.

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"And, they want everyone to view their as entirely normal. Especially for men. As decreed by the liberals running the asylum, homosexuality for the most part cannot be depicted as a deviation from normality, and a homosexual character cannot be depicted shifting to heterosexuality; they must remain rock solid in the LGBT bracket till the end of time."

Is this accurate? Light Lass was involved with Shrinking Violent in Paul Levtiz’s Legion of Super-Heros stories, but was later shown in relationships with guys in later comics and in the Supergirl tv series. Harley Quinn has been romantically involved with men after having had affairs with women. Among the male characters, John Constantine has been shown as bisexual as well. Bill Mantlo's Paradox character was shown as bisexual in his first appearance (Marvel Preview 24) but shifted to heterosexual in his second appearance. Element Lad was shown as gay in the Giffen/Bierbaum iteration of the Legion of Superheros, but was involved with Triplicate Girl in a later reboot.

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