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Saturday, November 21, 2020 

NBC fawns over plans for a non-binary variation on Flash in "Future State"

NBC's predictably gone gushing over DC's addition of a non-binary character whose aunt is supposed to be Jesse Quick, proving this is a publicity stunt for the sake of 15 minutes of back patting from fellow leftists for a job terribly done:
DC Comics is introducing a nonbinary version of the Flash during a major comic-book crossover event in January.

Jess Chambers, aka Kid Quick, will debut as part of an alternate-universe version of the Teen Titans in “DC’s Merry Multiverse,” a holiday-themed comic book anthology landing in stores on Dec. 9. The speedster, who uses they/them pronouns, will then get a major promotion and take on the mantle of the Flash during the “Future State” storyline coming to DC comic books in January and February.
So they even made sure to check off all the boxes for politically correct "pronouns", which are extremely trivial. This is little different from Marvel's New Warriors project, where far-left writer Daniel Kibblesmith set about making use of similar propaganda.
DC Comics has a long history of presenting alternate universes where familiar characters are reimagined — on Earth 43, for example, Batman has been transformed into a vampire. Earth 11 is not that dissimilar from the mainstream DC universe except the genders are reversed: Members of the Justice League, known as the Justice Guild, include Wonderous Man and Aquawoman.

In the “DC Merry Multiverse” vignette, the Justice Guild has been brainwashed by an alien invader, and it’s up to Teen Justice to stop their mentors and save the world before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Kid Quick is part of the adolescent super team, since their aunt is Jesse Quick, Earth 11’s version of the Flash.
I remember when nearly a decade ago, when the Flashpoint event jettisoned prior continuity for the sake of the New 52, and Jesse Quick, daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, was one of the characters phased out at the time. I guess this means she wasn't actually restored 5 years later, when it became clear nobody cared about Dan DiDio's abysmal visions for another Crisis on Infinite Earths, so instead, she and other descendants of the JSA are now dumped on an alternate dimension. All that aside, I've got a feeling if there's something even worse, it'd have to be their male variation on Wonder Woman, who's bound in turn to be a dreadful variation on Wonder Man of the Avengers. And turning Batman into a vampire is just as tasteless.
Writer Ivan Cohen said it felt natural to introduce a hero that defied the binary in a story already commenting on gender.

“In the DC superhero universe we’ve got a superfast character, Kid Flash. And I thought about how ‘Kid’ can really be any gender,” Cohen told NBC News. “There are all these choices we can make — why don’t we do something besides what we would have made up if it was 1965?”

It was important that Chambers’ identity feel organic and not be a plot point, he added, especially in a story only eight pages long.

“That’s always a concern — you don’t want to just disrupt things for the sake of disrupting,” said Cohen, whose other work includes all-ages titles like “Loony Toons,” “Teen Titans Go!” “Scooby Doo, Where are You?”

“Kid Quick’s identity is baked-in enough that another character just asks, ‘Are they seeing anyone?’ and it’s understood.”
He's obviously hinting at political influences for the premise, which have long taken precedence over simply writing sci-fi. Plus, he obscures how this event, even if only for a short time, disrupts various ongoing series for the sake of a crossover. What's so organic about that? His whole lecture about organism falls flat.
Setting the story on an alternate Earth also freed him up from decades of comic-book continuity.

“Earth 11 is such a blank page that making it more diverse didn’t require a lot of shoehorning. No one is going to run to their back issues and complain we contradicted something,” Cohen said. “If someone has a problem that a Flash from an alternative universe is nonbinary, there’s a lot of other comics they can read.”
I think that's a strong hint he doesn't want anybody to read his own stories if their beliefs don't coincide with his. It's certainly an attack on people who disagree with the ideology he's championing, all while using an alternate world as an excuse to push it.
Kid Quick is one of a growing number of nonbinary characters emerging in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. DC’s “Suicide Squad” introduced The Aerie, a nonbinary anti-hero, in 2019, the same year Jacob Tobia began voicing nonbinary Double Trouble on the “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” animated series.

This fall, the third season of “Star Trek: Discovery” saw the arrival of Adira, the franchise’s first nonbinary character, played by nonbinary actor Blu del Barrio.

Spencer Harvey, spokesperson for the LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD, praised sci-fi creators for “helping to reach new audiences that may not normally be exposed to these identities, which has a profound impact on accelerating acceptance and understanding.”
And here's more virtue-signaling, insulting the audience's intelligence, acting as if the ideology they push is normal and natural, and not sold on sci-fi merits. Pointing to one of the biggest problems with how these stories are marketed: they're meant to score brownie points with the wokeness crowd, not as a form of art. Atop all that, since this is supposed to be a crossover, that's why, just like how audiences in the past few years made it clear to Marvel they weren't interested in their crossovers anymore, audiences should make it clear they're not interested in DC's anymore. This is what's practically precipitating their potential closure, something that's bound to happen to Marvel too sooner or later.

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One comic closer to it being all over at DC.

Non binary has been a trope of science fiction for decades. All You Zombies by Robert Heinlen, The Left Hand of Darkness by Leguin, The gods Themselves by Asimov; sci fi has been playing with this for decades. Long before it became normalized and fashionable.

There's nothing normal about "non-binary." It's a mental illness. There are only two genders. That is a scientific fact that's not up for debate.

Nature does not always abide by our classification systems. There are people who are born intersex. The fashion for a while was for surgeons to remake them as female while they were still infants, but that is coming to be seen as surgical mutilation now. There are also mutations where kids are born to all appearances female, and only develop male characteristics at puberty:

"here's nothing normal about "non-binary." It's a mental illness. There are only two genders. That is a scientific fact that's not up for debate."
Exactly. There is nothing healthy about this. People identify as multiple genders or have f-ed up genitalia are nature's mistakes.

Ignore the Anon pervert. The sick fuck obviously has a deformity fetish.

Our categories are a working simplification of the complexity of God's handiwork. God makes no mistakes in his creation, nor is his work perverse.

"Ignore the Anon pervert. The sick fuck obviously has a deformity fetish."

That honestly wouldn't surprise me.

"Our categories are a working simplification of the complexity of God's handiwork. God makes no mistakes in his creation, nor is his work perverse."

Why is it that leftists only mention God or quote Scripture when it suits their arguments? Also, it's His, not his.

You need to listen to leftists more often! They mention God and quote Scripture much more often than you realize. And seem more accepting of the intricacy of God's creation than you are.

To quote a different source, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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