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Sunday, December 06, 2020 

Rich Johnston seems unhappy DC changed title of "Wonder Women of History" for allegedly political reasons

I see that Bleeding Cool's leading leftist writer, Rich Johnston, spoke about a most interesting development at DC in how to sell their politically motivated "Wonder Women of History", a book that's all about ultra-leftist representatives. Seems they're altering the title so the famed Amazon's codename is almost entirely dropped. And Johnston began his commentary by noting something the early WW comics were notable for:
Wonder Women of History was a feature that ran in Wonder Woman comics and Sensation Comics from 1942 to 1954. Ranging from one to five pages, each entry tells the story of real women who made a mark on history. The concept was created by US spy, Nazi-fighter, and Wonder Woman's associate editor Alice Marble, who wrote them credited until at least issue #17 when the author stopped receiving credit.
Before we continue, let's take a moment to note that as early as the Golden Age, WW had a notable female editor working on the title in some capacity, which throws a heavy wrench into the PC narrative force-fed by SJWs these days, among other people who otherwise couldn't give a damn about Bill Marston and H.G. Peter's famous creation.
They are told in comic panel form from Wonder Woman's perspective. At least 71 entries were produced under the Wonder Women of History title. The final original entry appeared in Wonder Woman #66 after which time it was replaced by features centred around beauty tips or advice on how to get married, such as "Curious Courtships" and "Marriage à la Mode". Well, that was the fifties for you. The articles have not been reprinted since.
And is that a subtle insult to the concept of heterosexual marriage, the respect paid for it as far back as WW's debut notwithstanding? Well, I guess that's Johnston's leftism for you. Maybe he should start advocating for reprinting those articles in some capacity?
But last year, DC announced a revival of that feature as an original graphic anthology in its own right, Wonder Women Of History, showrun by author Laurie Halse Anderson to celebrate "real-world heroes who take up Wonder Woman's iconic mantle and work in the fields of science, social justice activism, politics, and more" with the following list of women to feature, from all-female or non-binary creative teams.
Main mistake: whether political figures were ever cited in the original specials from the Golden/Atomic Ages, they weren't usually marketed and promoted based on being political, were they? What if the first lady pilots for aircraft, Harriet Quimby and Matilde E. Moisant, were among them? Not exactly a political matter, nor should it be. Making politics out of everything is easily the biggest mistake a modern liberal could make, and that's just what's wrong with this whole modern day approach, right down to the "non-binary" propaganda. And here's surely the worst choice they could make for citation in the special:
"Rashida Tlaib: As American as Kenefeh," written and drawn by Marguerite Dabaie
That DC's editors would consider a woman who's earned notoreity for obnoxious anti-semitism fully qualified for citation desecrates the memory of the Jewish editors and publishers who oversaw WW in the Golden Age (Max Gaines and Sheldon Mayer, for example) along with other now famous superhero creations. The book's material includes an illustration of the PLO's abominable flag, just another hint at what's wrong, along with the subtitle that she's "as American" as the other person mentioned. If there's no mention of Israel and women representatives for the country in the book, regardless of their political leanings, that'll say even more. It might explain why they're all but downplaying connections to WW before officially releasing it:
It appears that this was too much for someone at Warners. That the book would be seen as political was one thing, that it would be associated with Wonder Woman was, apparently, another. Decades after Wonder Woman became an iconic figure of the seventies feminist movement on the front cover of the first issue of Ms Magazine, from 1972 with her running for President of the USA, apparently these days Wonder Woman and modern politics don't mix.

As a result, Wonder Woman has been stripped from the title. Originally planned to be published alongside the release of the Wonder Woman 1984 movie, it has been kicked from December 2020 into September 2021 instead and has now been renamed Wonderful Women of History. DC's statement that the book is moving to 2021 to "align with Wonder Woman's 80th-anniversary celebration" is a little disingenuous given that her name is no longer in the title – and the history of that title was actually part of Wonder Woman's history.
But of course, Johnston, in all his regrettable leftism, can't bring himself to acknowledge that due to her platforms, the choice of Tlaib for historical mention is offensive and counterproductive to the message of civilized life and opposition to evil ideologies that WW was built on. And he sure doesn't seem concerned with how today's leftist feminism is a lot different from that of Gloria Steinem's time, when they didn't condemn physical beauty as an abomination like many are now, to the point where Steinem herself may have disowned her support for Marston's creation in recent times. I'm guessing this alleged history book, if published at all, will ultimately go without fanfare, and I sure wouldn't recommend buying it if you're a realist disturbed by the extreme left-wing bent.

So there's another example of why Johnston is such a sorry case, and doesn't belong in the comics medium, much like the contributors to the history book don't either.

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